Wu Shang is a legend featuring Gauntlets and Spear. He can be purchased for 5400 gold.

Wanderer, philosopher, master of cryptic riddles! -Mallhalla Purchase Description


"This is not the Afterlife. I know because I breathe and I still seek Enlightenment. This is but another station on the Great Wheel." - Wu Shang, responding to Bödvar's welcome to Valhalla

A brilliant and ruthless General led the Emperor's armies to Victory after victory, but his heart was empty. One day he rose from his tent, stripped off his finery, and walked away from war and power. Penniless and in rags, he came to a monastery. The monks took him in and he took up the Way of peace, discipline, and martial arts.

As his mind grew clear, he realized he didn't need to kill and took the name Wu Shang. When the angry Emperor sent his agents to attack the temple, Wu Shang defeated a company of lmperial soldiers Without hurting a hair on their heads.

To protect the monastery, Wu Shang took up a life of wandering, honing the soft powers of distraction and influence. He once concealed a hundred Villagers in a single Willow tree. He sheaked into the palace stable and turned the emperor's horse against him. He hid a bridge from an advancing army.

Having looked for Enlightenment in every corner of the world, Wu Shang let himself be captured. The Emperor's men shackled him deep inside a volcano. There in the dark, Wu Shang breathed in the silent energy of the mountain. His innner eye opened, and he found peace. Projecting himself outward and away, he wandered the Astral plane until a Valkyrie led him to Valhalla.

Wu Shang follows the Way in Valhalla, and is delighted to find he can fight Without killing. Kor is teaching him to move platforms.


Wu Shang wears monk attire of orange robes and other simple garments. He wears a string of blue globes around his torso and a pair of shackles from his time in the volcano on his wrists.


Wu Shang's statistics are all balanced,except for his dexterity.His sigs are very reliable and fast,which makes any legend slow enough to get hit by a living spearing fidget spinner.Wu Shang's Spear is best used passively,like most medium ranged weapons,it is fairly powerful when it comes to force,and his spear sigs are easy to combo with,making a rack damage farm. Gauntlets are much more played aggressively ,and they deal more damage than his spear ,but they are much more brutal to force,his gaunt sigs are much more easy to crowd control because of how simple to use it.

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