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Void Major
Map VoidMajor.png
Theme: Space
Home To: Orion, Artemis
Sizes: Small

Void Major (and Void Minor) is one of the Maps available in Brawlhalla. This map takes place deep in space, with a massive black hole in the background sucking up light, stars, and planets. The arena itself takes place on dark machinery with a mildly futuristic flare powered by molten orange energy.


  • Small: A single flat platform with long walls. Two small soft platforms rest on each side, which after some time move up to join in the center for a little.
  • Standard: A large middle platform with an uneven ceiling and two soft platforms, housing a reactor core. On either side are an asteroid chunk platform, the right one connecting to the middle with a soft platform bridge.
Void Minor
Map VoidMinor.png
Intended for 2v2 matches.
Void Major
Map VoidMajor.png
Intended for free-for-all matches.


  • This is currently the only map in Brawlhalla to have size variants and not use the words "big" or "small" in the map names.