Val is a legend with gauntlets and sword. She can be purchased from the Mallhalla for 5400 gold at any time.


"Retrieval. Pacification. Neutralization. Acquisition. The MBFC‘s Automaton Lab has always been there for your most lntractablc corporate needs. Now The Lab is proud to offer ‘VAL Exigent Services', a new line of extreme targeted discontinuance offerings for urgent, discreet protection of shareholder value."

-Soothing Disembodied Spokesvoice
"I prefer the term ‘kill-bot‘.”
When MBFC Automaton Lab‘s VAL Project 701 became conscious, nobody knew. Not the engineers, not the ops team, not the GovernCorp generals who deployed the android assassin. Val herself hardly knew. And like a child, she grew, becoming capable of free will, courage, goodness, and evil. She mostly chose evil.

With terrifying strength and quicker-than-light cognition, Val did whatever she wanted. She infiltrated the Right Wrong Cavaliers as a techno-ninia bassist after their original bass player fell down a ladder. She served the discontinuance needs of all sides in the wars of the Five Algorithmic Houses, and anyone she served, she soon owned.

By the time she was running Miami, MBFC realized that all of their networks now routed through and reported to Val. ln an act of corporate face-saving, they announced the promotion she‘d already given herself. On the side, she founded RainCloud, a modeling agency that soon controlled all neural research. She got really into talk radio for a while.

When the end came, Val was surprised to find that Valhalla is a thing, but now she is at work solving it. In the meantime, Val and Brynn enjoy kung-fu movies and making fun of Orion‘s mysterious cool-guy act.


Val is an assassin cyborg from the future and is appropriately dressed, with apparently cybernetic armour and enhancements plating her stealth suit. She uses a futuristic sword and pair of power fists. She emits a blue glow from many edges.


Val has fairly even stats of 4/5/6/7, giving her high mobility and a slight buff to her ability to tank hits. Although her strength stat is low, her amazing signatures more than make up for this, as well as gauntlets ability to gimp users at low healths with nAir, sAir and ground pound.

Colour Variations and Skins