Okay,this isn't really gonan go detailed,because it's not gonna be,plus BMG better make these,I wnat ur opinion on these legend combos

  • Scythe and Bow,thinking about 4 attack,5 dex,8 speed,5 defense
  • Scythe and Axe,thinking about 7 attack,6 dex,4 speed and 5 defense
  • Scythe and Katars,thinking about 3 attack,6 dex,9 speed and 4 defense
  • Bow and Lance,thinking about 6 attack,5 dex, 4 speed,and 7 defense
  • Bow and Axe,thinkign about 5 attack,6 defense,8 speed and 3 defense.

the point of them existing is to counter Sir Roland,and some other sig spams,BY FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE,be noted that this is a joke and BMG should not make these monsters.

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