Silent Terminator

  • I live in Brawlhaven
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is Making weirdness exist
  • I am Culmination of weirdness

Wrath of the 7

Wrath of the 7: Living Ragnarok

" To cause all this pain and suffering I've caused is an achievement,I want earth to burn and make my rule,and not even Queen could stop me with her savage animals. I've killed the other 6 sinners,made my country into my own, make world war 3, survived and own half of the world . The last thing I do before I have true peace is conquer Valhalla!,this should be a pain to deal with,but with my competitors are as followed."Bull,skeleton,snake queen,monster eater,knight gentlemen,and some others".-Wrath looking at his to do list before trying to have inner peace

As the story goes

Wrath of the 7, Drake had a rough childhood,he was constantly in battles,and being ordered what to do.He was so enraged that the "Founding Sinner" chose him to be "Wrath of the 7" after the previous inheritor has deceased recently.He wanted to be the best sinner,like no one ever was,so he made a to-do list,and achieved all of the things in it. He not also become king,but also feared throughout the world.In Valhalla he plans to eliminate any candidates that could beat them by slugging them into insensibility,hoping they're out for good,and reclaiming his title.But he says he's not the only sinner around,never the less may the 6 sins you've killed await you.

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