"Our thoughts are the seeds of our actions. If you think wrong, you will do wrong, but if you think right, you will do right."


Hi there,

I'm Acme, Acme Gamer who is also known as Kakoo or Makki. I joined this wiki to help others and to contribute and I will be looking forward to help in the articles/blogs and will be checking up grammar too😃. I also work on MediaWiki pages so if you ever need help, just hope on my page ^^

Discord ID

You can find me on discord and I promise I won't bite you either if you ask for assistance. Here's my discord ID,

  • Acme Gamers#1352

History of "Acme Gamers' name

If I say my original name does start from "A", but I ain't gonna reveal it right now, though one day. When I was in the 9th grade I really love to do coding and stuff and I even started my first website by naming it Gaming Zone. My mother is a software engineer too and my mother also used to run a software house and its name was "Acme Software house. I had started my new website and I wanted a name for me, for the social work and social recognition. At that time my mother recommended me to use the name "Acme", as my website was about Gaming at that time, she said to use the name Acme Gamers, the original reason how I got this name and still trying my best until I am recognized in the whole world too. Determination! It was also the reason why I named the site Acme Gaming Zone 😋.


I have in-total 4 Names,

  • Kakoo (My favorite Name and only some special ones to me, call me with this name ~ My Mother always calls me with this name of mine ~ Yeah!)
  • Makki (Mostly people call me by this name of mine, actually almost everyone.)
  • Acme Gamer[s] (This name is the only name that was given to me by my Mother [making it the most favorite name of mine after my name Kakoo] & socially people call me with this name of mine ~ this name is actually, kinda cool to me as I like this name too much.)

(Note: Acme Gamer is my actual and my real name including the Gamer(s) part is a part of my name.)

Random Things

There are many things I like some of them are,

  • Teaching
  • Anime's
  • Being with Aj-chan a lot ^^
  • Kids [Especially]
  • Reading/Writing Novels & Stories
  • Coding
  • Game Development
  • Animation
  • UI/UX Designing
  • Nice People & friendly people

There are very fewer things I dislike such as,

  • Abusive Language
  • People who bring other people morales down for no reason at all.
  • Bullying people
  • Bad People

Some personal Achievements of mine are,

  • Had an 8-9 Hours chat with my Best friend on Friendship day, and I took off on that day from all of my works. I had another 5 Hours chat on the next following day and we were fixing the Minecraft server issue the whole time that was resolved after a day. (2019)
  • Lauren was the first person who made 3 draws in a row with Acme, despite the fact that Acme had won 10 tournaments in a row of Chess at that time. [Fun Fact: Only kings were left as last pieces, where at the 3rd draw, Lauren stated that Lauren was being Generous for letting the queen get beaten]. I need a reference here I guess🤔. (2019)
  • Kindness Aj was the first person who patted and booped Acme noes remotely. [Just some random facts ^^]
  • It was the 8th of March in 2020 when I first came into a relationship with Aj-kun. 😊 (and yea I love her a lot ^^)
  • Anyway, I will add some points later in my free time🙂.

[Friend: So... these are your personal Achievements?

Acme: Mhm. They are.

Friend: Seriously?

Acme: *Giggles* Just a joke, couldn't think of a name actually😅].

This is the list of my favorite subjects,

  • English
  • Computer
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Calculus
(Hidden Fact: I really don't like my native language subject "Urdu", as I always make some spelling mistakes, but I still like it😅). [Now the fact is revealed, so ain't hidden anymore👍].

Actually, I don't see the official videos, however, I see lyrical videos. Also, note that these songs aren't listed ranked wise but are ranked as recent watched [i.e the recent I have listen]. Some of my favorite songs are,

Song Name Song published on Last Edit: 8th September 2019
Birds ~ [Undertale] AMV Lana Meshkoradze
Nightcore - Go to War Kishimura
Nightcore - Centuries NightcoreReality
Bleach Op 13 Rukia san
Nightcore - But I'm only human Nightcore MTB
Nightcore - Unbreakable Nightcore Eiden
I'm Machine Lyrical video
Telepathic Heart Lyrical video [Coralin]
Last to Fall Lyrical Video [Bode Creative]



This is my miscellaneous section that provides a little more comprehensive info to other information,


Hmm, there are 3 animals I like the most,

  • Panda!! [Really, Panda's are my favorite as they are living walking teddy bears]
  • Fox
  • Wolf
  • Phoenix

I usually use codes for working on any wiki, though, I use Visuals only if I need to do some quick formatting of huge text. Examples:

  • Queries that I post on Brave Frontier Wiki on threads are mostly done in coded form.
  • Though, just to differ each skill and asset, I use Dark & light [that is bold & italic] for quick formatting for better understanding using visuals if there is a huge list to format.
  • I can't use Underline that would be <u> and </u> on every single character name so, I use visuals in this case. Though, it depends on mostly what content I'm facing.

Languages used in daily life: I know 6 languages, but each has a fall but, I can read and write your messages in these languages too,

  • Urdu [Native Language]
  • Punjabi [Native language] :: On the note, I don't speak in Punjabi, though I can understand it well.
  • English [Second Language]
  • Hindi [Similar to Urdu in vocal and plain chatting though, not syntax of course]
  • Bengali [Similar to Urdu in vocal and plain chatting though, not syntax of course]
  • Japanese [Under-development]
(Facts: I can't count more than 40 in my native language so I need to ask in English for the price. Where in Japanese I can count more than 100. Weird right?)

Lanugages used in Codings:

I know 6 languages in computer and design terms though, all of them are under-development,

  • Python [Basics]
  • C [Basics & Currently learning]
  • C++ [Basics & Currently learning]
  • HTML/CSS/JS [Basics & Currently learning]
  • GW-Basic [Intermidate]
  • Machine Language [Can understand what machine is giving output in Binary no's and

what it is converting in any format, though, it still counts as Basics].


1001001100011101 = 1001 0011 0001 1101 = 9 3 1 D

(Note: In memory, data is compromised in the form of 0's & 1's and making each 8 strings of 0's & 1's makes one byte.)

[Fact: In total, I know 12 different languages that may or may not be similar to previous languages as each language has it's own rules and regulations to perform something.]

So here are some helpful links that will be really useful for getting knowledge. You can also gain knowledge regarding codings too as these are great websites plus all the content there, is free😃,

Website/Youtube/E-Books Type Purpose Last Edit: 22nd August 2019.
W3 Coding School Website It can be used to learn a variety of Langauge and my most favorite place to learn codes.
The Gymnasium Website UI/UX designing and some other coding/visual based things. ~ I used to study here at the start of UI/UX designing and the courses here are really great. I will do sure to come back here for completing my UI/UX courses.
Unreal Engine Academy Website For Game Development based on Unreal Engine
Virtus Hub Youtube [Playlists] There are different playlist providing different sets of knowledge based on game development. Mostly based on Unreal Engine ~ It also teaches C++ language.
Design better [UI Designing E-Books] E-Books Different Ranges of E-Books based on UI designing.
Websites/E-Books Website/E-Books I Will be listing it up later. It will be based on Python and other languages. I will be listing up in my free time though😊. This tab is actually under high maintenance too because I will add links properly to it.


Tasks on Wiki

You can check my current work that I have yet to implement on the wiki! (It is also a shortcut to my work list too though ^^:

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