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Removed 4 Weapon System[ | ]

Unused Weaponpickups

A stage with dropped weapons.

In early versions of Brawlhalla, each Legend could pick up and use any weapon. At the time, this included the Sword, Blasters, Rocket Lance, and Grapple Hammer.

Instead of the current weapon pickups that randomly grant one of two weapons, weapons would drop as cardboard versions on the ground. Once picked up by a Legend, the weapon's skin would change to make the Legend's appearance.

Dropped weapons would not fade away instantly, meaning if one player dropped a weapon another player could pick up and use that exact weapon.

This system was removed in Alpha v0.4.0 alongside the release of the Spear, in favor of the current 2 weapons per Legend system.

Altered Weapon Combos[ | ]

Following the introduction of the 2 weapons per Legend system in Alpha v0.4.0, some Legends were given weapon combos that were later replaced. These include:

These legends had their weapon combos changed to their modern versions in Beta v1.0.

Additionally, there exist unused weapon skins that suggest Lucien was planned to have a Blasters and Sword weapon combo. This was never implemented into the actual game.

Weapon Stances[ | ]

In early versions of the game, there exist unused poses where the player is holding the Sword or the Spear in different ways. These have different names given to them, based on how many hands are used and if the weapon is held forward or rear-side. The only ones ever used in-game are "Sword 1 Handed Rear" and "Spear Rear".

It may be possible these weapon stances were made for individual Legends, as some of them resemble the stances newer Legends take on the Legend select screen. However, these poses were created when each Legend could use every weapon. Therefore, it is possible that these stances would have been used as new weapons, or there would be some way for the player to chose how their Legends hold their weapons.

Unused Weapons[ | ]

There exist multiple unused weapons, each with varying degrees of development put into them.

Unused Weapon Rifle The Rifle is the unused weapon with the most development put into it, as it is the only one to have animations made for it. It seemingly would have been a heavy weapon, but not much else is known about it.
Running animation with the Rifle.
Unused Weapon HeavyGun This rocket launcher is referred to as "HeavyGun" in the game files. It is most likely a very early version of the Cannon.
Unused Weapon Fist This odd weapon resembles the Gauntlets, but is simply called "Fist" in the game files. It is unknown what this could have been, but may have been developed into the Katars.
Unused Weapon Shuriken The Shuriken is an unused gadget and would have been thrown just like other gadgets. It is the only unused weapon that seems to have full art completed for it.
Holding the Shuriken.
Unused Weapon Sword2H This Katana is called "Sword2H" in the game files, referring to it being a 2-handed Sword. While this could be dismissed as a Sword skin, it is noticeably longer than the Sword, and has unique poses for holding the weapon. This may have been an early version of the Greatsword.
Holding the Katana forward.
Unused Weapon Dagger The Dagger. Similarly to the Katana this could also be dismissed as a Sword skin, but it is noticeably shorter than the Sword.

Weapon Skins[ | ]

Original Weapon Skins (4 Weapons System)[ | ]

Since every Legend could pick up each weapon before Alpha v0.4.0, every Legend had unique weapon skins for those weapons. As a result of that system being removed, several weapon skins for Bödvar, Cassidy, Orion, Lord Vraxx, and Gnash were removed.

Alongside these Legends, Scarlet, Hattori, Thatch, Lucien, and Sir Roland were all in development while this system was in place. As such, these Legends also had extra weapon skins designed, but those that were used were introduced after the removal of the 4 weapons system.

Use the tabs below to view the removed and unused weapon skins for each Legend. Weapons with a green background have been reused in some way.

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon Bodvar Classic
Broad Sword
Broad Sword
Unused Blaster Bodvar Unused Lance Bodvar Warhammer

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon Cassidy Classic
Unused Sword Cassidy Sixshooters
Unused Lance Cassidy Unused Hammer Cassidy

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon Orion Classic
Unused Sword Orion Unused Blaster Orion Armored Attack Rocket
Armored Attack Rocket
Unused Hammer Orion

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon LordVraxx Classic
Lord Vraxx
Unused Sword Vraxx Unused Blaster Vraxx Unused Lance Vraxx Unused Hammer Vraxx

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon Gnash Classic
Unused Sword Gnash Unused Blaster Gnash Unused Lance Gnash Smasher

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon QueenNai Classic
Queen Nai
Unused Sword Nai
Obsidian Edge
Unused Blaster Nai Unused Lance Nai Unused Hammer Nai
Ix Chel

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon Hattori Classic
Shadow Casters
Shadow Casters
Imperial Rocket
Imperial Rocket
Unused Hammer Hattori
Torii Mallet

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon Thatch Classic
Boarding Cutlass
Boarding Cutlass
Hand Cannons
Hand Cannons
Unused Lance Thatch Davey Jones' Anchor
Davey Jones' Anchor

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon Scarlet Classic
Unused Sword Scarlet
Outlander's Knife
Unused Blaster Scarlet Unused Lance Scarlet Unused Hammer Scarlet Unused Hammer Scarlet2

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon SirRoland Classic
Sir Roland
Long Sword
Long Sword
Tourney Lance
Tourney Lance
Gothic Warhammer
Gothic Warhammer

Legend Sword Blasters Lance Hammer
SkinIcon Lucien Classic
Unused Sword Lucien Highwayman's Flintlocks
Highwayman's Flintlocks
Unused Lance Lucien Unused Hammer Lucien
The Kingsman


  • Some weapons have names if they are reused as base weapons, weapon skins, or are present in the Image Render Tool.
  • Hattori's Blasters and Lance, Thatch's Hammer, and Sir Rolands Blasters and Hammer were all reused as weapon skins.
  • Scarlet has 2 Hammer skins, it is unknown which would have been used for her base skin.
  • Lord Vraxx's Blasters and Lance were redesigned in Alpha v0.5.1.

Unused Weapon Combos[ | ]

Due to Orion, Queen Nai, and Lucien temporarily having different weapon combos and skins still being in development, weapon skins were created for their old weapon combos. Most of these weapons go unused.


  • Atomic Orion's Blasters were repurposed into Lord Vraxx's default Blasters.
  • Dark Age Orion's Blasters are a slightly darker Cannonades.
  • Snake Charmer Nai's Blasters were repurposed into the Mother of Pearl Blasters.
  • Tomb Tamer Nai's Blasters were recolored and used as Bullet Hail of the King (Vraxx the King's Blasters)
  • Both Spec-Ops Lucien and Dark of Night Lucien's Swords were reused as weapon skins.

Default Weapon Skins[ | ]

Default weapon skins exist for each Weapon. These can be viewed or used in-game through several different glitches:

  • Method 1: On the Legend select screen, if the player presses two direction buttons at the same time (ie left + right, up + down), the selected Legend's pose will take on the adjacent Legend's pose. If that Legend is holding a Weapon, the Weapon will appear as its default weapon skin.
  • Method 2: In Training Mode, give your legend a weapon using the training settings (tab menu) menu. Exit the menu, open it again, and switch the Legend to be one that can't use the Weapon you were just holding. After this, hold the reverse frame step button (F5) until the Legend is holding the previous Weapon. Here, it will take the appearance of the default weapon skin.

In Training Mode, the Sword, Blasters, Hammer, and Lance will all take on the appearance of the original cardboard weapon pickups instead of the default weapon skin.

Other Unused Weapon Skins[ | ]

The following weapon skins remain unused for other or unknown reasons.

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