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Tournament is one of the Modes available in the game Brawlhalla. This mode is available to be played when Offline and is the only game mode where the objective is to get a high score.

In this mode, the player and 3 CPUs are placed in a map with 3 stocks each. When the match is over, the top two legends will proceed to the next round. If the player is one of the top two legends, they will receive points depending upon their kills, how many stocks they kept, and the length of the game.

The map in which the game takes place is selected randomly. Not all maps are playable in this mode. Once one map is played upon in the tournament, it will no longer appear in later rounds of the current tournament.

There are six rankings when completing a Tournament. They rank 1-5 stars and then a Grand Cup (also known as the Star Cup) which can be achieved by getting a score of 300,000 points or more.

Scoring[ | ]

The amount of points you earn at the end of each round is calculated like so:

Where k is your number of KOs, s is the number of stocks you have left, and t is your time in seconds. Though the final time will always show a whole number, t is a rational number and the shown value is always the ceiling of t.

Maps in Tournament Mode[ | ]

All maps in the FFA Map Set are available in Tournament Mode.

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