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Profile of Jeffvinder Singh
Profile of Jeffvinder Singh
Real Name: Jeffvinder Singh
Represents: Flag of SingaporeSingapore
Known for playing: Koji
Highest ever Elo: 2784
Socials: Twitter

Tiger is a professional eSports Brawlhalla player. He is one of the top ranked players in SEA, and has the most 1v1 tournament wins in the world. His fame comes from his uninterrupted 22-win streak, the largest of any player. In 2015, he took the top spot for the highest Elo from the previous leader, Maximusmaxy, the first person to get Diamond in ranked.

In ranked, most professional players have a win-lose rate of about 70%. Tiger's win rate in ranked has always been over 90%. After the devs opened the SEA servers, they had to look through Tiger's account to make sure he wasn't cheating.

On August 28, 2021, Tiger was defeated in winners' finals of Summer Championship, winning silver for the first time ever in SEA history. His opponent, Vortex, single-handedly broke Tiger's 22-win streak. A few hours before the finals, Tiger tweeted that he was feeling ill.

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