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Team Red
Color Team Red.png
Bödvar Team Red.png
In-game appearance
Type: Color
Main Colors: Palette Team Red.png
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Secondary Palette: Palette Team Red Alt1.png
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Tertiary Palette: Palette Team Red Alt2.png
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Quaternary Palette: Palette Orange.png
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Team Red is a Color in Brawlhalla. This Color is available by default, but can only be used when teams are enabled.

Both this Color and the Team Blue Color have the distinction of being the only Colors with more than one appearance. If there is more than one of the same Legend on a team, each player will have a different Color to help distinguish them. The first three players of the same Legend will have unique colors, while the fourth and all subsequent players of the same Legend will have the same color (which happens to be identical to Orange).

In team gamemodes where non-team colors can be selected, such as Friendly 2v2, and both players want to play the same Legend, only this color and Team Blue can be selected.

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