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Sun Drive City
Map SunDriveCity
Theme: Retrowave
Home To: Ada
Sizes: Standard

Sun Drive City is one of the Maps available in Brawlhalla, added with the Season Two Battle Pass. This map is a synthwave styled arena, fitted with all the archetypal features of the retro-future theme: neon lights, holographs, pixelated and glitched effects, wireframe mountains in the background and an brilliant outrun sunset. The stage layout is comprised of two large platforms, one going slightly under the other to create a pit of doom, easy to knock opponents in with the help of a slanted roof. On the right side are a floating soft platform and a tall (but skinny) building platform, which creates another pit between itself and the center platform.

A deceiving feature of this map are the pixelated walls at the base of each building, which look solid enough to hang on to but can not actually be grabbed for safety.

Variations[ | ]

This map only has one variation.

Map SunDriveCity
Intended for free-for-all matches.