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This guide is intended to help players with completing missions for the Season Two Classic Battle Pass. Note that this guide is mainly subjective; there is no one way to complete these missions.

General Missions[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Side Signature or Recovery Attack KOs

700 KOs total are needed for this mission.

This will progress naturally over time, as both Side Signatures and Recovery Attacks are fairly easy to get KOs with. If you want to speed up the process, you can play FFA and focus on using Side Signatures with a long range.

Get KOs on Sun Drive City or Miami Dome

140 total KOs are required.

This will also progress over time, and is mostly up to random chance if you get the correct map.

FFA will give you the highest chance of getting one of these maps (as Sun Drive City is FFA-only). To increase your chances of getting a map, go into your lobby settings and select a map to ban.

Weekly Missions[ | ]

Frequent Missions[ | ]

These types of missions appear every week, and the strategy is similar for all of them.

Mission Strategy
KOs with specific Weapon

Simply play legends that use that weapon and you can progress this challenge over time.

If you do not feel like you are good at that weapon, you can try using a Legend who has another weapon you're more comfortable with. Once your opponent is low health, switch your weapon to the one for the challenge and KO your opponent.

Damage with specific Weapon This will complete over time if you play Legends who use that weapon. To speed up the process, play FFA and focus on only attacking with the specific weapon.
Win matches with specific Weapon

Simply play legends that use that weapon and you can progress this challenge over time.

If you aren't confident with the specific weapon, you can progress this in Strikeout 1v1. Pick one legend that uses the weapon, and two legends that you're more confident with.

Week 1[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches with home field advantage See Home field advantage.
First Strikes

"First Strikes" are the first KO in the match.

This is easiest done in 1v1 modes, simply requiring you to get the first KO. If you think you'll get KO'd first, you can purposefully fall off - this won't count as the First Strike, and will give you more health to safely KO your opponent.

Get KOs with the Active Input version of Attacks See Light Attacks with Active Input and Signatures with Active Input.
Get KOs with Down Air Attacks

This is easiest to do when your opponent is on the edge of a stage. Weapons like the Sword, Axe, Gauntlets and Blasters have good force and are easy to use, hitting directly underneath you. The Orb is good as it can hit diagonally downward, but also bounce off walls to hit an enemy right under you.

You can also try the Hammer as it is the only weapon with an aerial down light that launches your opponent upwards, meaning you don't need to be on the edge of a stage to get a KO.

Week 2[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Emote first This is easiest in 1v1 modes, as you're only competing with 1 person to emote first.
Catch Gadgets thrown by opponents

Whenever you see an enemy holding a Gadget, throw away your weapon and get ready to catch it. If you're having a hard time catching, there is a "Catch Bomb Training" option in Training mode where you can practice.

In the rare chance your opponent disconnects, remove all the weapons from the stage while leaving the gadgets. For as long as the bot is unarmed, it will pick up a gadget when they come to it.

Gain Elo of any kind in Ranked matches Play Ranked matches and this will accumulate over time. Don't be worried if you lose matches; this mission does not regress when you lose Elo.

Week 3[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Get KOs within 10 seconds of respawning

This is easiest done when playing against someone who is not as experienced as you, however can still work in fair matchups.

Try to get your opponent into red without KOing them - take into account how low defense they are and use attacks that have less knockback (ideally no knockback). Let them KO you, but don't be too obvious; if you purposefully fall off, there is a chance your opponent purposefully falls as well as a friendly gesture. Once you respawn get a KO as fast as possible. 10 seconds is a fair amount of time to get in a high knockback attack such as a side aerial or a signature, however you can also try to wait for your opponent to attack while you are still invulnerable from respawn and do a quick unarmed down heavy.

Be gravity-canceling an Emote at the end of matches This is easiest to do in FFA, as you simply need to wait for the timer to countdown to emote.
Be the first player to pick up an Item This is easier in 1v1 modes as the first item will always drop directly in the center. If you have "Pick Up with Quick Attack" enabled, it's better to have it disabled and instead try picking up the weapon with your throw button.
Get KOs with Side Air Attacks Axe, Lance, and Hammer are the best options, however all weapons have strong enough aerial Side Lights to secure a KO. Try to look for when your opponent has no more dodges or jumps, as even if they don't get knocked far enough to get KO'd you can still earn one if they can't return to the stage.

Week 4[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Grounded Light Attack KOs

The best weapon to use for this mission is the Greatsword, as its closer attacks deal heavy knockback that often KOs. Otherwise focus on using attacks that have high knockback and avoid weapons like Katars or Blasters that only have light attacks with set knockback.

Gravity-cancelled light attack KOs also count towards this mission.

Get 5 KOs in a match This is best done in FFA. Use characters that you are good at or ones that have strong sweeping signatures that can KO multiple opponents, such as Teros.
Hit opponents into armed Pressure Mines

You must to get your opponent to high enough damage so they get launched further, and use attack with good knockback. The most common attacks people will use for this are side aerials or an unarmed side light, however any attack with knockback works.

The most important part is to know what attack to use depending on where your opponent is positioned. For example, if they are above the mine you would want to use an attack that sends them down like Gauntlets neutral air, but if they are on the side of the mine an attack that sends them straight forward like Hammer side air will work better.

Win matches in under 150 seconds 2 minutes and 30 seconds is short but still a reasonable amount of time to win a match. As long as you and your opponent are not too passive, or you are better than your opponent, this is fairly easy to progress.

Week 5[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Deal damage by Dash-Jumping into Attacks Jump right after Dashing to perform a Dash-Jump. This mission only requires you to deal damage, so any aerial light attack will work.
Win matches as Legends brought to Valhalla by Brynn

Legends that work for this mission:

Disarm opponents Disarming an opponent is when they drop their weapon after taking too much force and damage. This occurs in most matches, and will simply progress over time.
Spike opponents into oblivion with Signature Attacks

For this mission, wait until your opponent is at high damage, as they need to still be stunned when they fall off the map. Then, once they are near a ledge, hit them with a Signature that will launch them downwards.

Many Signatures can spike opponents downward, but to give a few examples:

  • Orion Spear Neutral Sig
  • Teros Axe Neutral Sig
  • Nix Blasters Neutral Sig
  • Rayman Gauntlets and Axe Down Sig
  • Mordex Gauntlets Down Sig

Week 6[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Emote on Kor's Platform Kor's Platform is the leftmost floating platform on Blackguard Keep.
Neutral Signature KOs These will progress over time, as almost all Signatures can KO. To speed up progress, play FFA and focus on using your Signatures.
Side Signature KOs
Down Signature KOs

Week 7[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Deal 250 damage each with 2 Weapons in a match This can be done easily in FFA by focusing attacks with one weapon for half the match, then switching to your other weapon for the second half.
Deal 150 damage in a row without getting hit

This is easiest in 1v1 gamemodes, as in FFA there will likely be other people who damage you and ruin your streak.

Play your best character and be passive until there's a window of opportunity to combo your opponent. Once you have zoned them off the stage, keep the pressure on them, as they will be putting more effort into getting back on the stage than attacking you.

If your opponent ends up leaving and is replaced with a bot, this mission can be farmed pretty easily with low knockback attacks such as Blasters neutral light.

Grab the other team's initial Weapon spawn In a 2v2 mode, focus on going to the enemy team's side and grabbing their weapon. Try to remember where the weapon spawn is depending on the map, as different maps will have weapons spawn at different heights.

Week 8[ | ]

Mission Strategy
KO opponents off the top of the screen This will complete over time. When your opponent is close to getting KO'd, focus attacks that knock upwards - for example, recovery attacks, Sword neutral aerial, and Signatures like Koji's Bow neutral-sig or Jhala's Sword neutral-sig.
KO opponents off the bottom of the screen This will complete over time. When your opponent is off the edge, focus attacks that knock downwards - for example, ground pounds, Blasters down aerial, and Signatures like Nix's Blaster neutral-sig.
KO opponents off the left side of the screen This will complete over time. When your opponent is low or to the side of the stage, focus attacks that will knock them further to the side - for example, side aerials and most side Signatures.
KO opponents off the right side of the screen

Week 9[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches with Legends that have been to the Fangwild

The following Legends work for this mission:

Be the first to say 'GG'

Hold down the "say GG" button when a match finishes, even before the post-match screen. This will make you immediately say GG once the post-match screen occurs.

This is also easier in 1v1 modes, as you're only competing against one person to say GG.

Catch fresh Items before they hit the ground If you focus on catching items and always throw out any weapon your holding, this mission can be done quickly.
Random Legend wins If there are Legends you are not confident with, doing this in Strikeout 1v1 will have a higher chance of giving you one of your preferred Legends.

Week 10[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Hit below-stage opponents with Light Attacks This is best done in FFA by staying near the sides and knocking people off the stage. This works better on maps with lots of space under the stage or long walls, such as The Turtles' Lair or Florence Terrace.
Win matches without getting KO'd more than once Use Legends that you are most comfortable with or that have high Defense. It helps to play somewhat passively to observe your opponent's dodge and attack patterns.
Hit opponents with Slide-Charged Heavy Attacks

Slide-charging a signature is done by charging the signature while still moving off the ledge of a platform. It is typically easier to land slide-charge signatures on maps with many ledges or ledges close to the main platform, such as Big Miami Dome or Tree Fort. Since these maps are typically found in FFA, you may find more success there.

In terms of best signatures to use, moving signatures like Mako's Greatsword s-sig or ones with range like Reno's Blasters s-sig are best. Avoid signatures that stop your legend's movement after slide charging.

Week 11[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches as pet owners

The following Legends work for this mission:

Hit with 5 different Signature Attacks in a match This is easiest done in FFA. Hit all your signatures with one weapon, then change weapons and hit the rest.
Dash-thrown Weapon KOs This is a tricky mission that will take some time in trial and error. When your opponent is low health and has been knocked far off the stage, dash (or dash-jump) and immediately throw your weapon at them to attempt to knock them off. Try to do it after they've used their dodge, so they can't dodge your weapon throw. This works best in 1v1 modes, as in other modes enemies can get in the way of your target.

This mission cannot be progressed with a thrown Gadget.

Interrupt opponent Recovery Attacks with Weapon throws This is progressed by throwing your weapon at opponents that are using a recovery move. Wait until your opponent is attempting to recover after being knocked off to the side, and throw your weapon to cancel their recovery.

Week 12[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches with Legends from Thera

Legends that work for this mission:

Win matches with each Stance type This works in Strikeout, so you can use 2 legends with stances you prefer and one other to progress the mission.
Get 2 KOs with Ground Pound Attacks in a match This is easiest to do in FFA since there are more opportunities to KO opponents.

Any weapon works for the KO, but you may want to pick weapons based on your playstyle. Some examples:

  • Hammer and Lance ground pound are strong, but can be predictable.
  • Gauntlets and Battle Boots can move side-to-side, giving you a larger window of opportunity.
  • Spear and Greatsword can be easier to hit with their wider hitbox, but typically knock enemies to the side rather than down.