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This guide is intended to help players with completing missions for the Season Four Battle Pass. Note that this guide is mainly subjective; there is no one way to complete these missions.

General Missions[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Get KOs with the Active Input version of Attacks

140 KOs total are needed for this mission.

KOs can be earned by either active input signatures or active input light attacks. For signature attacks with active input, see List of Active Input Signatures. The Scythe is the only weapon with active input light attacks, being Side Light, Down Light, Neutral Air and Down Air. A more in depth description of these attacks can be seen here.

In terms of Legends, Volkov, Mordex or Fait are the best options, as they have both active input signatures and the Scythe. If using Fait, however, her active Side Signature for Orb should be avoided, as it has the lowest knockback of any active input attack.

Players may want to play FFA as there are more KO opportunities per match. However you should be careful as there is a chance another enemy could stun you out of an attack, especially on long signatures such as Mordex's.

Grounded Light Attack Damage

53,000 total damage is needed for this mission. Gravity-cancelled light attacks count for this mission, while aerial attacks that interact with the ground do not (such as Axe down air).

This is a mission that naturally progresses over time, and no real strategy needs to be put into it if you want to progress it passively. If you tend to be a more jumpy player, however, you may want to remind yourself to stick to the ground for this mission.

While any weapon works well for this mission, the Greatsword is a good choice as most of its attacks are grounded and its closer attacks deal more damage than most light attacks.

Weekly Missions[ | ]

Frequent Missions[ | ]

These types of missions appear for every week, and the strategy is similar for all of them.

Mission Strategy
KOs with specific Weapon

Simply play legends that use that weapon and you can progress this challenge over time.

If you do not feel like you are good at that weapon, you can try using a Legend who has another weapon you're more comfortable with. Once your opponent is low health, switch your weapon to the one for the challenge and KO your opponent.

Light Attack Damage with specific Weapon This will complete over time if you play Legends who use that weapon. To speed up the process, play FFA and focus on only using light attacks with the specific weapon.
Heavy Attack Damage with specific Weapon This will complete over time if you play Legends who use that weapon. To speed up the process, play FFA and focus on only using signatures with the specific weapon.

Week 1[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Emote on Kor's Platform Kor's Platform is the leftmost floating platform on Blackguard Keep.
Get 2 KOs by Dash-Jumping into Ground Pound Attacks in a match

This is a fairly situational mission that will require some luck. To do this mission, you must dash, then jump and immediately ground pound (heavy down while in air). This attack must KO 2 opponents in the match.

The best weapon to use for this is the Spear, as its ground pound has a very large radius of effect. Alternatively, strong Ground Pounds, such as Hammer, are more likely of ensuring a KO at the cost of a narrower hitbox. Some may also like the Gauntlets as its ground pound can be moved while active. Try to only ground pound when your opponent is already low, so they don't have a chance to attack you.

Some players may want to do this mission in FFA, as there are more KO opportunities and maps will typically have more ledges/closer killboxes. However other enemies in this mode may steal your KOs, something that isn't a problem in 1v1 modes, so be careful.

Get a KO in a 1v1 match before taking 50 total damage. This mission comes down to being very focused. Pick your best Legend and start by playing very passively. Try to only attack your opponent when a window of opportunity is available, such as right after they've attacked.

This mission will take longer than most because it is really difficult to avoid getting hit for so long. It could take several failed attempts before you complete this mission. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a KO within the first few seconds of the match.

Getting multiple KOs before taking 50 damage will also count towards this mission.

Reversal Signature KOs See List of Reversal Signatures. This may be easiest to do in a 1v1 setting because Reversal Signatures are often slow and can easily be interrupted.

Week 2[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches as Legends that have been used to win a BCX 2v2 Championship

Legends that count for this mission:

Win matches with the current Battle Pass Color Scheme This mission is a matter of chance that you unlock the Color Scheme for Legends you own or enjoy playing. If you can't seem to get the Color for a Legend you want to play, you can try playing the Legend in Friendly 2v2 and hope you get paired with a good player.
Gravity-Canceled or Slide-Charged Down Signature KOs If you want to do this mission quickly, play FFA and focus on using these attacks. Otherwise, you can try to incorporate the attacks into your playstyle and progress the mission over time. Signatures with a large radius of effect work best with this mission.

Week 3[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches as Legends with ties to Batavia

Legends that count for this mission:

Catch Gadgets thrown by opponents Whenever you see an enemy holding a Gadget, throw away your weapon and get ready to catch it. If you're having a hard time catching, there is a "Catch Bomb Training" option in Training mode where you can practice.

It becomes very easy to manipulate a bot to grab a gadget because they will always pick up the first weapon/gadget they come to. For the rare chance your opponent disconnects, remove all the weapons from the stage while leaving the gadgets. For as long as the bot is unarmed, it will pick up a gadget when they come to it.

Gravity-Canceled or Slide-Charged Side Signature KOs If you want to do this mission quickly, play FFA and focus on using these attacks. Otherwise, you can try to incorporate the attacks into your playstyle and progress the mission over time. Signatures with a large radius of effect work best with this mission.

Week 4[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Dash-thrown Weapon KOs This is a tricky mission that will take some time in trial and error. When your opponent is low health and has been knocked far off the stage, dash (or dash-jump) and immediately throw your weapon at them to attempt to knock them off. Try to do it after they've used their dodge, so they can't dodge your weapon throw. This works best in 1v1 modes, as in other modes enemies can get in the way of your target.

This mission cannot be progressed with a thrown Gadget.

Interrupt opponent Recovery Attacks with Down Air Attacks

When doing this mission, focus on players who like to stay on ledges or who have been pushed down the map. Try to estimate when they will use their recovery, and use your Down Air accordingly.

Any weapon works for this, however weapons with Down Airs that hit directly down (such as the Sword or Axe) tend to work exceptionally well.

Gravity-Canceled or Slide-Charged Neutral Signature KOs If you want to do this mission quickly, play FFA and focus on using these attacks. Otherwise, you can try to incorporate the attacks into your playstyle and progress the mission over time. Signatures with a large radius of effect work best for this mission.

Week 5[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Be gravity-canceling an Emote at the end of matches This is easiest to do in times matches, such as FFA. Right as the announcer counts down to "One," perform a gravity-cancelled Emote.

This mission can also progress if you gravity-cancel Emote right before losing your last stock in stock matches. If you are off-stage and can't recover, perform a gravity-cancelled Emote just before reaching the bottom blast zone. As long and you don't take any damage between then and losing your stock, it will count towards the mission.

Grounded Light Attack KOs The best weapon to use for this mission is the Greatsword, as its closer attacks deal heavy knockback that often KOs. Otherwise focus on using attacks that have high knockback and avoid weapons that only have set knockback light attacks, such as the Katars or Blasters.
Win matches as Legends with "bot" in their bot name

Legends that count for this mission:

Gain Elo of any kind in Ranked matches Play Ranked matches and this will accumulate over time. Don't be worried if you lose matches; this mission does not regress when you lose Elo.

Week 6[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches as members of the Valhallan Ladies Book Club

Legends that count for this mission:

Catch fresh Items before they hit the ground Focus on dodging your opponents and looking for Item drops as they spawn. Throw away any Weapon you're holding, as Weapon drops spawn faster if a player is empty handed. Doing this mission in FFA can also speed up the process as more Items spawn in this mode.
Get KOs by Dash-Jumping into different aerial Light Attacks

The player must get a dash-jump into aerial attack KO with each aerial Light Attack; Neutral, Side, and Down (can be in different matches). To dash-jump simply dash into a jump, then perform a light attack while still in the air.

Neutral Aerial: Cannon and Hammer are the best options as they hit hard with heavy knockback. Bow, Greatsword, and Sword are viable too, but don't have as much force. Other weapons either have not enough force or are too situational to get a KO after a dash-jump.

Side Aerial: Axe, Lance, and Hammer are the best options, however all weapons have strong enough aerial Side Lights to secure a KO after a dash-jump. Try to look for when your opponent has no more dodges or jumps, as even if they don't get knocked far enough to get KO'd you can still earn one if they can't return to the stage.

Down Aerial: Hammer is the best option since it is the only weapon with an aerial Down Light that sends the opponent upwards - this means you do not need to be near an edge to KO your opponent. Otherwise, aerial Down Lights that hit diagonally downward are your best bet, such as the Lance, Cannon, Bow, and Orb. Other weapons' aerial Down Lights can work but are very situational considering you need to dash-jump first.

When progressing this mission, it is best to use the Legend who has the highest Strength stat for the weapon you're using (see Legends with High Strength).

Week 7[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches with Legends that were once members of the Order of the Exalted Lion

Legends that count for this mission:

Unarmed Down Air KOs Unarmed Down Air is a very low-power move with little knockback. The best time to try and get KOs with this move is when your opponent is out of recovery options, indicated by the sweat droplets around the character. Before they are KO'd, deliver one last Unarmed DAir to progress this mission.
Interrupt opponent Signatures with Signatures This is best done in FFA, as there will be more opponents using their signatures at a time. Use signature attacks that will grounded players, as that's where most players will be charging their signatures. Since players typically do not charge signatures for long, use signature attacks that charge up quickly. Additionally you don't want to get hit by your opponent's signature, so it's best to use signatures where the attack is in front of the player, such as Lord Vraxx's Lance side sig, to give yourself some protection.
KO with 3 different Signature Attacks in a match

This is best done in FFA simply because there are more opportunities to get KOs. It is easiest to use your best Legend, but Legends with high Strength, like Teros, work well.

The three KOs don't have to be done all with the same weapon, but they cannot be done unarmed.

Note that this mission specifically can not be completed in Strikeout.

Week 8[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Deal 150 damage in a row without getting hit

This is easiest in 1v1 gamemodes, as in FFA there will likely be other people who damage you and ruin your streak.

Play your best character and be passive until there's a window of opportunity to combo your opponent. Once you have zoned them off the stage, keep the pressure on them, as they will be putting more effort into getting back on the stage than attacking you.

If your opponent ends up leaving and is replaced with a bot, this mission can be farmed pretty easily with low knockback attacks such as Blasters neutral light.

Emote first Emote at the very start of the match. Unless opponents are also trying to progress this mission, it is likely you will be the first to Emote.
Hit multiple opponents with a single Gadget

This must be done in either a 2v2 of FFA mode, as hitting the same opponent twice will not count. The easiest gadgets to use for this are the Spike Ball and Sidekick Summoner.

The Spike Ball is probably the best Gadget to use for this mission. With the Spike Ball, you will need a little bit of aim to hit two opponents, or wait until they are close together fighting to hit them. Don't throw too hard and aim towards the ground so the Spike Ball doesn't fall off the stage. As long and you still have the Spike Ball, you can repeat this process to progress this mission even more

The Sidekick Summoner is sometimes easier to use if your opponents are clumped together. Throwing the horn doesn't seem to work, but blowing it to call in your sidekick does. If your opponents are busy fighting each other and are in line with your sidekick's path, they will likely both get hit by it.

You can try to use the Bouncy Bomb and Pressure Mine too, but your opponents will need to be hit at the exact same time, making it a bit harder.

Get KOs with different types of Attacks

Most of this will be completed over time, however you may find it quicker to do in FFA as there is more confusion and opportunities to get KOs.

For heavy attacks, use any character with signatures that you're familiar with. Almost all signatures can KO, so these shouldn't be too hard.

For grounded light attacks, the Greatsword finisher attacks are the best option as all of them are easy to hit and give high knockback.

For aerial neutrals, the Hammer has the most powerful attacks. Most other weapons are fine, however, some will not work for neutral aerials (such as Lance) and almost all other down aerials will require you and your opponent to be off the stage.

For ground pound and recovery, any weapon works as they are all rather powerful with these attacks. Although, it is best to avoid using Scythe and Orb as their ground pound moves are somewhat unreliable.

Week 9[ | ]

Mission Strategy
KO opponents off the top of the screen This will complete over time. When your opponent is close to getting KO'd, focus attacks that knock upwards - for example, recovery attacks, Sword neutral aerial, and Signatures like Koji's Bow neutral-sig or Jhala's Sword neutral-sig.
KO opponents off the bottom of the screen This will complete over time. When your opponent is off the edge, focus attacks that knock downwards - for example, ground pounds, Blasters down aerial, and Signatures like Nix's Blaster neutral-sig.
KO opponents off the left side of the screen This will complete over time. When your opponent is low or to the side of the stage, focus attacks that will knock them further to the side - for example, side aerials and most side Signatures.
KO opponents off the right side of the screen

Week 10[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Win matches as Legends who trained with Lin Fei

Legends that count for this mission:

Deal 250 damage each with 2 Weapons in a match This can be done easily in FFA by focusing attacks with one weapon for half the match, then switching to your other weapon for the second half.
Double KOs

The best mode for this is FFA since there are more opponents to KO.

Wait until your opponents are heavily damaged, and while they are fighting try to get them both in a single attack. Use attacks with heavy knockback that can hit multiple opponents at once, such as Lance side-air or Teros's Axe side-sig. Maps with close killboxes will also help, such as Fortress of the Lions.

First Strikes This is easiest done in 1v1 modes, as it will either be you or your opponent who gets the first strike. This will progress over time, and simply requires you to be slightly better than your opponent for at least the first stock.

Week 11[ | ]

Mission Strategy
Get KOs within 10 seconds of respawning

This is easiest done when playing against someone who is not as experienced as you, however can still work in fair matchups.

Try to get your opponent into red without KOing them - take into account how low defense they are and the more damage you deal, use attacks that have less knockback (ideally no knockback). Let them KO you, but don't be too obvious; if you suicide, there is a chance your opponent suicides as well as a friendly gesture. Once you respawn get a KO as fast as possible. 10 seconds is a fair amount of time to get in a high knockback attack such as a side aerial or a signature, however you can also try to wait for your opponent to attack while you are still invulnerable from respawn and do a quick unarmed down heavy.

Get 5 KOs in a match This is best done in FFA. Use characters that you are good at or ones that have strong sweeping signatures that can KO multiple opponents, such as Teros.
Grab the other team's initial Weapon spawn In a 2v2 mode, focus on going to the enemy team's side and grabbing their weapon. If you can, try to remember where the weapon spawn is depending on the map, as different maps will have weapons spawn at different heights.

Week 12[ | ]

Mission Strategy
KO with both a Ground Pound and a Recovery Attack in the same match The best strategy for this mission is to choose a Legend with a weapon that has a strong Recovery and Ground Pound. A good option is Gnash; his Hammer can easily KO opponents with both attacks relatively early, and combined with his Spear he has a very wide range of attack for both moves. Most weapons have reasonably good KO potential, however, so any weapon can work for this mission.
Perform 4-hit Strings

This is easiest done in 1v1 modes, as your string won't be interrupted by other opponents.

All that needs to be done is hit your opponent 4 times within 4 seconds and without getting hit. Quick weapons like Blasters or Scythe are good options, however, it is best to use whatever weapon you are most skilled with. Weapons that are able to perform true combos are also useful for starting or finishing a string, such as Blasters down-light into side-light/side-air.

Win matches in different matchmaking queues Simply get wins in different matchmaking queues. It should be noted only 7 different modes are required while there are 8 modes total; this means you don't have to play one of the modes. It is likely easiest to abstain from Ranked 2v2 as it is the only one that requires a partner.