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Stats are attributes tied to each Legend to define how they perform in-game.

There are four types of stats: strength, dexterity, defense, and speed. Each of these are measured on a scale from 1 (weak) to 10 (strong).

By default, each Legend has a unique composition of these four stats, with all stats adding up to a total of 22 points. These can be modified with Stances, which will improve a stat by 1 point and impair a different stat by 1 point. All Legends' default stats range from 3-9 points, with Stances allowing for stats to range from 2-10 points.


StatIcon Str NoBorder.png

Affects how much damage and force is dealt by the Legend. Higher Strength means opponents fly farther and take more damage for the same attack compared to Legends with lower strength. Signatures moves have unique damage and force values and are naturally unaffected by Strength.

Legends With High Strength[]

Legends With Low Strength[]


StatIcon Dex NoBorder.png

Dexterity affects attacking speed. A Legend with high dexterity will have a shorter recovery time after an attack finishes, allowing for quicker successive attacks, as well as a shorter minimum charge time for Heavy attacks, allowing for faster execution. Shorter recovery time only affects different attacks - using the same attack repeatedly in succession will demand a minimum recharge time, to encourage variety. Signature moves also have a minimum 10-frame cooldown, which is unaffected by Dexterity, though the speed with which a Legend can use a light attack after a Signature move is affected. Dexterity also does not affect the use of chase dodges or dodge-cancelled attacks.

Legends With High Dexterity[]

Legends With Low Dexterity[]


StatIcon Def NoBorder.png

Defense affects how much damage a Legend takes from all attacks, as well as how far the Legend flies when struck. High Defense means less damage, and less fly distance compared to those with low defense.

Legends With High Defense[]

Legends With Low Defense[]


StatIcon Spd NoBorder.png

Speed affects how quickly the Legend is able to move around the battlefield when running and jumping. Movement during attacks and dodges is also affected. Does not affect attack speed, nor dodge duration.

Legends With High Speed[]

Legends With Low Speed[]