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Unreleased Legend
Strength Stats6 Rocket Lance Icon
Dexterity Stats6
Defence Stats5 Katars Icon
Speed Stats5
Gender: Female
Bot Name: ST-4LK-3R
Released: Never Released

Stalker is the name given to an unreleased Legend in the game Brawlhalla. This legend was planned to be released sometime alongside Ember and Koji, but only ever remained hidden in the game files.

Her stats are the same as Bödvar's stats, but that is likely because her stats were never finalized and Bödvar's stats were used as a placeholder.

It is unknown if "Stalker" would have been this Legend's official name. "Stalker" is the internal name used to refer to this character and its assets, and typically internal names do not match the actual Legend's name (for example, Ulgrim's internal name is "Dwarf"). Some assets also refer to Stalker as "Hunter". Despite this, Stalker was internally given a unique bot name "ST-4LK-3R", giving some credence this was planned to be her actual name.

Stalker's code was added to game files on June 17, 2015, for patch 1.12.0, when Brawlhalla was still in its private Beta. In 2019, Stalker's code was removed from the game files.

Signatures[ | ]

As Stalker was developed when each Legend only had one unique Signature per weapon, only two Signatures were used for her.

(note the animations below use the default character model)

Weapon Signature Description
Rocket Lance Icon Unused Sig Stalker Lance 1 Stalker charges forward, shooting a purple laser out of the exhaust of her Lance.
Katars Icon Unused Sig Stalker Katars Stalker hides in the shadows, leaps forwards and strikes.
This attack is fast and covers a fairly large distance.

There exist additional animations in the game files labelled as Stalker Lance signatures, however, it is unsure whether they would have been used in-game.

Unused Signatures
Unused Sig Stalker Lance 4 Unused Sig Stalker Lance 2 Unused Sig Stalker Lance 3

Gameplay[ | ]

Several people have modified older versions of Brawlhalla to add Stalker to the game, making her playable offline. This gameplay gives an idea of how she would have played in-game.

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