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Skyforged Weapons
Skyforged Weapon Skins
Items in Set: 14
Cost per Item: Coin Glory 5000
Cost for Whole Set: Coin Glory 70000

Skyforged is a Skin Set available in the game Brawlhalla. Each weapon from this Skin Set can be purchased individually for Coin Glory 5000 each from Mallhalla.

The weapons in this set are all made of a pure bright silver, as though they were forged from a special material. These silver components are plated across the weapon and often include winged tips, further accentuating their sky-like appearance.

There are 14 skins included in this set, one for each weapon in the game.

Weapons in this Skin Set are not affected by palette swaps from Colors.

Weapons[ | ]

Name Image Description
Skyforged Sword Skyforged Sword Nothing says the arena belongs
to you more than carrying
a forged shard of it.
Skyforged Hammer Skyforged Hammer Each hit rings with the
cheering of crowds.
Skyforged Blasters Skyforged Blasters The path to the top is thick with
foes. Let these light your way.
Skyforged Spear Skyforged Spear We need no medals or laurels,
reward us with steel.
Skyforged Lance Skyforged Lance A champion is unmistakable
in their bearing
and chosen weapon.
Skyforged Blades Skyforged Blades Commissioned by the gods
as recognition for
outstanding beatdowns.
Skyforged Axe Skyforged Axe Only answers the call
of the worthy.
Skyforged Gauntlets Skyforged Gauntlets From the sound of the
lamentations of your enemies,
you've earned it.
Skyforged Bow Skyforged Bow Inspired by the wings of
Valkyrie, it chooses only the
most legendary of heroes.
Skyforged Scythe Skyforged Scythe Harvest the most competitive of
Skyforged Cannon Skyforged Cannon Blasting all the way to the top!
Skyforged Orb Skyforged Orb A reflection of your glory shines
back at you!
Skyforged Greatsword Skyforged Greatsword As light as a feather, as strong
as steel.
Skyforged Battle Boots Skyforged Battle Boots Stomp the stage with these
shining shoes.