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Skill Check
Taunt Skill Check B Still
Acquisition: Season Seven - Gold Pass Season Seven | Tier 79 Reward

Skill Check is one of the Emotes in the game Brawlhalla. When used, the player takes out a 20-sided die and rolls it

This is a randomized emote - one of the following events will occur upon rolling the dice:

  • The player rolls a 15, making the dice green and creating shield buff particles around the player as they flex.
  • The player rolls a 20, making the dice flash yellow, green, blue, and red (as well as the arrow particles around the player)
  • The player rolls a 1, making the dice red and creating downward de-buff particles around the slouched over player.

Gallery[ | ]

Taunt Skill Check B Still
Taunt Skill Check C Still
20 (flashes in-game)
Taunt Skill Check A Still

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