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Siege of Lions
Map SiegeOfLions
Theme: Ghost Shipwreck
Home To: Volkov, Onyx, Magyar

Siege of Lions is one of the Maps available in Brawlhalla, exclusive to the Temple Climb gamemode. This map takes place on an abandoned shipwreck, with the Fortress of the Lions and blood moon in the background. As the map scrolls upwards, more wreckage of ships can be seen, with lines of trolley carts with blazing fire inside them above.

There are two sections to this map before repeating:

  • Two ghostly shipwrecks, with a trap at the quarterdeck that shoots 5 ghostly cannonballs from the ship's hull. The pressure plates have a cooldown of 160 frames (about 2.66 seconds).
  • Two rows of trolley carts with fire inside suspended on a line, with 3 carts on the first line and 2 on the second. A trap is on top of each cart, which shoots 3 slightly slower ghost cannonballs from beneath the cart. The pressure plates have a cooldown of 2 seconds.

The map repeats after ~116 seconds.

Trivia[ | ]

  • This map is named after the Siege of Lions, a lore event where the Order of the Exalted Lion took down the Royal Castle of Batavia (Volkov's castle).