A Scythe is a type of weapon in Brawlhalla. They have a curved blade with a long-pole attached to it.



  • One of the most common strings for scythe is SLight (don't move while attacking animation is occuring) NLight, or SLight DLight. Such follow ups are NAir SAir and NSig (for some scythe legends)
  • It might take some time to master but dodge reading is important if you are a scyther especially if you are doing/want to do ranked
  • Scythe has Active Input / Directional Input attacks offering much more strings and combos


  • NLight - Neutral Light
  • SLight - Side Light
  • DLight - Down Light
  • NAir - Neutral Air
  • SAir - Side Air
  • DAir - Down Air
  • NSig - Neutral Signature
  • SSig - Side Signature
  • DSIg - Down Signature
  • GP - Ground Pound
  • Rec - Recovery
  • D - Dodge
  • ChD - Chase Dodge
  • (N) - Neutral Input ( stay still when the attacking animation happens for some scythe attacks)
  • (F) - Forward Input ( move while there is an attacking animation for some scythe attacks )
  • (B) - Backward Input ( for NAir and DAir only )
  • (J) - Jump


Basic Strings/Combos

  1. SLight (N) Nlight
  2. NLight (J) NAir (N)
  3. NLight (J) Rec
  4. (J) NAir (N) (J) SAir
  5. SAir NAir (N/B) -String- (the SAIr must hit the enemy using the side )
  6. SAir NAir (N/B) -Combo- ( the SAir must hit the enemy using the tip )
  7. DAir (N/B) SLight(N/B)
  8. NAir (B) Slight -Combo-
  9. DLight (N) (J) ChD ( Diagonally) Rec
  10. SLight (F) DLight (N/F)
  11. NLight NSig ( for all characters )
  12. SLight (N) NLight NSig ( for all characters )
  13. DLight (N) NSig
  14. GP NLight NAir (N/B)

for a video for scythe strings click here

Advanced Strings/Combos

  1. DAir(B/N)/NAir(B) SLight (N) NLight (J) NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir
  2. NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N/B)
  3. SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N) SAir NAir (N)