The myriad stages and locations where the battles of Brawlhalla are fought are called "Realms". These can vary from prehistoric temples of bone and stone to floating platforms above a steam-driven Victorian city. Some correspond to certain characters and themes, others do not.

Big Brawl Realms

Large, extended realms of certain smaller maps, intended for use in brawls with more than 4 players. These can only be selected in Custom matches involving more than 4 players.

Small Brawl Realms

Reduced and simplified versions of certain realms, allowing them to better be used for 1v1 play.

Special Realms

These realms only appear in certain game modes and cannot be accessed anywhere else.

Experimental Realms

These stages are unfinished. They lack complete art assets, and collisions have a high chance of being bugged. They are only available in games with the "Test Maps" option in the match settings is enabled (Experimental 1v1, Custom Online, Training Mode, etc)

  • Wally
  • Wheel
  • Duplexarena


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