Ragnir is a legend with katars and axe. He can be purchased from the Mallhalla for 5400 gold at any time.


"A dragon who takes human form to compete? How ls that fair?"
"How is that human form?”
  "I know, rlght? lt stlll breathes fire. Thlngs are really sllpplng around here.”

  -Ada, Jhala and Cassldy, eatlng lunch

Ragnlr Malakkar Rex is an apex predator, a dragon ninety feet long ln hls natural form. He hunted the Fangwlld Forest and lts neighboring lands, and everythlng he met was prey or plunder.

The flrst years after Ember’s dlsappearance from the Fangwlld were good for the dragons. without lts heart, the eldrltch forest descended lnto chaos, openlng paths to new lands to ravage. Ragnlr's favorlte entrance to a new land was to emerge from an eruptlng volcano sllhouetted agalnst gouts of lava. ln flre and battle, Ragnlr's hoard grew. He collected mountaln hearts from unlucky dwarf klngs. He wrested so much gold from the Madman of Barbados that he ls the plrate‘s Moby Dick. Hls Fangwlld lalr grew so vast lt was mlstaken for a clty of gold.

But now under mysterlous assault, the forest ls knottng ltself lnto pure madness, and disaster looms. Ragnlr knows the Fangwlld's only hope ls to restore lts Heart, and he Journcycd to Asgard to bring Ember back. To that end he takes humanold form and flghts ln the Tournament, revellng ln the battlc. At night he reverts to dragon form, soarlng over Asgard to flnd the path back to the Fangwlld or just eat Odln's sheep.

"The Fangwild ls collapslng. Enemles strike from all dlrectlons, even thls one. There's more going on in Asgard than you know. I just fought a feathered serpent ln the hall."

  -Ragnir to Ember


Ragnir is a humanoid dragon with red scales and a beige underbelly. He wears light armour in the form of scaled shoulder-plates and a scaled loincloth.


Ragnir is useful aggressively than passively,his katars do medium damage,and run as fast as a car.His Axe can hit like steel and should be used for high durability legends due to the damage.Overall Ragnir is a damage racking dragon that can make the legends who wanna fight him,a nightmare.

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