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The Dragon
Strength Stats5.png Katars Icon.png
Dexterity Stats6.png
Defence Stats6.png Axe Icon.png
Speed Stats5.png
Gender: Male
Bot Name: Ragnobot
Store Price: Coin Gold.png 5,400
Store Description: Everything you love about dragons in a fight-sized package.
Released: September 28, 2016
(Patch 2.30)
Full Name: Ragnir Malakkar Rex

Ragnir is one of the available characters in the game Brawlhalla.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Official artwork

The Dragon[edit | edit source]

"A dragon who takes human form to compete? How is that fair?"
"How is that human form?"
"I know, right? It still breathes fire. Things are really slipping around here."
– Ada, Jhala, and Cassidy, eating lunch.
"The Fangwild is collapsing. Enemies strike from all directions, even this one. There’s more going on in Asgard than you know. I just fought a feathered serpent in the hall."
– Ragnir to Ember

As the story goes...[edit | edit source]

Ragnir Malakkar Rex is an apex predator, a dragon ninety feet long in his natural form. He hunted the Fangwild Forest and its neighboring lands, and everything he met was prey or plunder.

The first years after Ember’s disappearance from the Fangwild were good for the dragons. Without its heart, the eldritch forest descended into chaos, opening paths to new lands to ravage. Ragnir's favorite entrance to a new land was to emerge from an erupting volcano silhouetted against gouts of lava. In fire and battle, Ragnir's hoard grew. He collected mountain hearts from unlucky dwarf kings. He wrested so much gold from the Madman of Barbados that he is the pirate’s Moby Dick. His Fangwild lair grew so vast it was mistaken for a city of gold.

But now under mysterious assault, the forest is knotting itself into pure madness, and disaster looms. Ragnir knows the Fangwild's only hope is to restore its Heart, and he journeyed to Asgard to bring Ember back. To that end he takes humanoid form and fights in the Tournament, reveling in the battle. At night he reverts to dragon form, soaring over Asgard to find the path back to the Fangwild or just eat Odin's sheep.

List of Skins[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Ragnir featured in the release art of a Maypul skin in Rivals of Aether.
  • Ragnir's forward heavy axe attack will do an extended sweep if there isn't a platform below him.
  • Ragnir may take inspiration from the dragon Fafnir in Wagner's epic opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen (1848–1874).
  • Ragnir is featured as a crossover character in the Rivals of Aether series because of challenge proposed on Twitter by @danfornace.