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Podiums are the platform characters stand on during the character select and post match screens. Custom podiums can be purchased from the Mallhalla.

List of Podiums[edit | edit source]

Regular Podiums[edit | edit source]

The following podiums can be purchased from the Malhalla year-round. All cost Coin Mammoth.png 240 except for the Default Podium.

Default Podium The Upstage Darkheart Spire Toil and Trouble Spellbound Tree
Podium Default.png Podium The Upstage.png Podium Darkheart Spire.png Podium Toil and Trouble.png Podium Spellbound Tree.png
Beast of the Apocalypse Tomb Stele Omnitrix Days Gone Bye
Podium Beast of Apocalypse.png Podium Tomb Stele.png Podium Omnitrix.png Podium Days Gone Bye.png

Event Podiums[edit | edit source]

Special podiums can be purchased during seasonal events for Coin Mammoth.png 240 each. Unlike other event-exclusive items, Podiums from the previous years do not return and can only be purchased in the year that they were released.

Heatwave Event
Heatwave 2017 Heatwave 2018 Heatwave 2019 Heatwave 2020
Podium Heatwave 2017.png Podium Heatwave 2018.png Podium Heatwave 2019.png Podium Heatwave 2020.png
2017 exclusive. 2018 exclusive. 2019 exclusive. 2020 exclusive.
Valhallentine's Event
Lion Heart Lovestruck 2019 Lovestruck 2020 Lovestruck 2021
Podium Valentines 2018.png Podium Valentines 2019.png Podium Valentines 2020.png Podium Valentines 2021.png
2018 exclusive. 2019 exclusive. 2020 exclusive. 2021 exclusive.
Brawlhallidays Event
Winner Wonderland Winner Wonderland'18 Winner Wonderland'19 Winner Wonderland'20
Podium Winner Wonderland.png Podium Winner Wonderland'18.png Podium Winner Wonderland'19.png Podium Winner Wonderland'20.png
2017 exclusive. 2018 exclusive. 2019 exclusive. 2020 exclusive.
Brawlhalloween Event
Graveyard Shift Graveyard Shift 2019 Graveyard Shift 2020
Podium Graveyard Shift.png Podium Graveyard Shift 2019.png Podium Graveyard Shift 2020.png
2018 exclusive. 2019 exclusive. 2020 exclusive.
Anniversary Event
Gilded Deco
Podium Gilded Deco.png
No confirmed exclusivity.
Bloomhalla Event
Floral Bliss 2021
Podium Floral Bliss 2021.png
2021 exclusive.

Progression Podiums[edit | edit source]

Progression cosmetics were introduced alongside the Battle Pass as cosmetics that can be upgraded in appearance by completing missions.

Spirit Temple (Season One)
Podium Spirit Temple Lvl1.png Podium Spirit Temple Lvl2.png Podium Spirit Temple Lvl3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Arcade Nights (Season Two)
Podium Arcade Nights Lvl1.png Podium Arcade Nights Lvl2.png Podium Arcade Nights Lvl3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Yggdrasil's Fate (Season Three)
Yggdrasil's Fate Lvl 1.png Yggdrasil's Fate Lvl 2.png Yggdrasil's Fate Lvl 3.png
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3