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Patch 8.02
Release Date: November 29, 2023
Previous Patch: Patch 8.01
Next Patch: Patch 8.03

Overview[ | ]

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants and all his friends (and even some one-sided enemies) have joined Brawlhalla!

Do some kah-rah-tay with SpongeBob SquarePants – Brawlhalla’s first ever Mythic Crossover! He’s joined by 2 new Epic Crossovers – Patrick Star, who is ready to go jellyfishing and Sandy Cheeks, who will lasso any opponent in her way! All three Crossover characters include unique Weapon Skins, custom Signature FX, new Legend Select animations, and dedicated roster spots.

Patch 8.02 is also stacked with new additions including the long-awaited PlayStation Cross Inventory coming this Friday: December 1st, 2 new Challenges added to the Challenges Preview, a Balance Pass, and many more Game Improvements & Bug Fixes!

Brawlhalla x SpongeBob SquarePants[ | ]

From Bikini Bottom to Valhalla! SpongeBob makes a splash as the first ever Mythic Crossover! Mythic Crossovers are a new tier of Crossovers that includes everything an Epic Crossover has, with additional features to make them feel even more like the original IP. In the case of SpongeBob, these include custom light Attack animations and dynamic costumes.

Patrick & Sandy also join the Grand Tournament as Epic Crossovers. All Crossover characters feature unique Weapon Skins, custom Signature FX, new lock-in animations, and dedicated roster spots.

More residents from under the sea have also arrived, including The Flying Dutchman Sidekick, King Jellyfish KO Effect, Squidward Emoji, and many more favorites. Find all of these and more SpongeBob content in Mallhalla.

All items will remain in Mallhalla after the event ends.


SpongeBob SquarePants Mythic Crossover

  • Mirrors the abilities of Rayman (Gauntlets/Axe)
  • The first ever Mythic Crossover!
  • Don your Kah-Rah-Tay helmet when Gauntlets are equipped, and a Krusty Krab fry cook hat when holding an Axe! These costume changes happen regardless of which Weapon Skins are equipped and apply only to SpongeBob, not other Legends or Crossovers.
  • Also featuring custom light Attack animations!

Patrick Star Epic Crossover

  • “Is mayonnaise an instrument?”
  • Mirrors the abilities of Teros (Axe/Hammer)
  • Featuring custom light Attack animations!
  • Patrick Star is SpongeBob’s best friend and neighbor. The inner machinations of his mind are an enigma, and this pink starfish is the ultimate pal who loves to nap, blow bubbles, and eat ice cream! That’s not all – he’s also an expert in Wumbology!

Sandy Cheeks Epic Crossover

  • “I’m hotter than a hickory-smoked sausage!”
  • Mirrors the abilities of Cassidy (Blasters/Hammer)
  • Despite being a squirrel, Sandy Cheeks lives under the sea in her oxygen-filled treedome. She’s a born-and-bred Texan thrill-seeker and adrenaline junkie. But don’t let her love of extreme sports and karate fool you – she’s also a master scientist and inventor!

Patch802 img1


The Flying Dutchman

  • “He’s gonna steal your soul!”



  • “Squidward’s favorite instrument.”
  • Featuring custom sound FX


  • “It’s a giraffe!”
  • Randomized – get an elephant, bubble buddy, or giant bubble!
  • Featuring custom sound FX

KO Effect:

King Jellyfish

  • “Keeeee-viiiiin!!!!!”
  • Featuring custom sound FX

Patch802 img2

Weapon Skins:

Goofy Goober Guitar

  • Axe Weapon Skin

Squidward's Clarinet

  • “Not a toilet plunger.”
  • Sword Weapon Skin

Patch802 img3


Bold and Brash

  • “More like “Belongs in the Trash”…”

Krabby Patty

  • “It’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for!”


  • “Mee hoy minoy!”


  • “Meow.”

Patch802 img4


Squidward WP

  • “Well Played, I’m even more handsome now!”

SpongeBob Heart

  • “Imaginaaation!”

SpongeBob Tired

  • “*heavy breathing*”

SpongeBob BRB

  • “Alright, I’ll be right back…”

Patrick Think

  • “Thinking hurts my brain…”

SpongeBob Lookin’ Good

  • “You like Krabby Patties… Don’t you Squidward?”

Patrick Surprise

  • “Well, never mind the car… where’s the road???”

SpongeBob GG

  • “GG: Goofy Goober”

Patrick Facepalm

  • “Spongebob’s never getting that table….”

Patch802 img5

The SpongeBob SquarePants Crossover event also includes:

  • Free “Goofy Goober” Title for logging in during the Event.
  • New “Bikini Bottom” Map, featured in the new Brawl of the Week mode – Bubble Tag Relay!
  • New Splash art and animated UI Theme.
  • Original main menu, character select, and victory theme music.
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Crossover event!

PlayStation Cross Inventory This Friday![ | ]

We’re glad to announce PlayStation is joining in on Brawlhalla’s Cross-Inventory system. On December 1st, PlayStation Brawlers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the amazing Cross-Inventory system in Brawlhalla.

Whether you are comfy on your ‘console couch,’ at the helm of your PC battle station, or on the go with your mobile phone, you can have all your hard-earned Brawlhalla Items, thanks to Cross-Inventory. This addition means Cross-Inventory and Cross-Play across all platforms for Brawlhalla! ⚔️

Here’s a great flow chart showing an example of how simple Cross-Inventory is to set up.

Patch802 img6

New Challenges[ | ]

Koji Sensei has 2 new challenges for you to start practicing! Introducing “Two Fundamental Hammer KO Combos” and “Two Fundamental Sword Combos”. These join the ever-expanding preview for Brawlhalla’s “Challenge” System.

Two Fundamental Hammer KO Combos

  • The Hammer is a great Weapon for KO-ing your opponent. Here are two fundamental Hammer KO combos that are true. Try these when your opponent’s damage is high enough. Notice that one KO’s from the side and the other from the ceiling. Be aware of your position when choosing which to use!

Two Fundamental Sword Combos

  • It’s always smart to know what your tools are for KO-ing your opponent. Here are two fundamental Sword KO combos that are true. It’s important to note that one KO’s from the side and the other from the ceiling. Choose wisely when you are in battle!

Balance Pass[ | ]

This balance pass is the first of several during the esports off-season. This one contains a few targeted changes at reining in certain damage-specific combo starters on overperforming weapons, while providing improvements to some key tools that were shown to be lacking during the Autumn Championship and Autumn Royale. This patch also contains Loki’s first balance pass, which makes him legal for all official Brawlhalla tournaments.

Weapons[ | ]

Weapon Changes
Battle Boots Icon
Battle Boots
The Battle Boots Side Light now has slightly less rear threat coverage at the beginning of the Hit Window, allowing more consistent dodges through this attack.

Similarly, we have decreased the threat coverage of the Battle Boots Down Light. We have also decreased the Hit Window for more reliable dodges and counterattacks against the Down Light, and we have increased the Recover time on miss to keep the total duration of the attack the same.

  • Battle Boots Side Light: Decreased threat coverage toward the rear of the attack.
  • Battle Boots Down Light: Decreased threat coverage at the beginning of the attack; Decreased Hit Window from 5 to 4; Increased total Recover time on miss from 15 Fixed/15 Variable to 16 Fixed/15 Variable.
Blasters Icon
The Blasters Neutral Air is an important tool in continuing pressure against an airborne opponent, as well as providing a defensive option when recovering back to stage. We have brought the Time to Hit slightly closer to its previous value to aid in these situations, given the inherent dead-zones in the Blasters’ far-reaching threat coverage.
  • Blasters Neutral Air: Decreased Time to Hit from 10 to 9.
Gauntlets Icon
The Gauntlets Neutral Light would previously take too long to score knockouts, even when the opponent was far into red health, so we have increased the Force to provide more timely knockouts when compared to other similar attacks.

The Gauntlets Neutral Air now has significantly less Stun to require tighter timing on team combos, to provide wider escape windows when off-stage against this weapon, and to open a dodge window between this attack and the Neutral Light.

  • Gauntlets Neutral Light: Increased Force from 44 Fixed/40 Variable to 46 Fixed/42 Variable.
  • Gauntlets Neutral Air: Decreased Stun from 16 to 12.
Greatsword Icon
We have reduced the Time to Hit for the Greatsword Neutral Finisher from Down Bridge for more consistent strikes against opponents who opt for a dash between Greatsword chain attacks.

The Greatsword Down Air had too much freedom of movement for its range and utility, so we have reduced the maximum allowed acceleration to be closer in line with other similar attacks.

  • Greatsword Neutral Finisher (from Down Bridge): Decreased Time to Hit from 15 to 14; Slightly increased threat coverage near the user.
  • Greatsword Down Air: Slightly decreased maximum allowed acceleration during the attack; Greatly decreased maximum allowed acceleration on miss.
Orb Icon
The Orb Recovery now maintains the upper range of its Stun value for a longer portion of the Hit Window. This provides a more consistent frame advantage for most of the Hit Window. We have also increased the lower range of Force near the end of this attack for more consistent knockouts when striking at the very end of the Hit Window.
  • Orb Recovery: Increased Force from a range of 75~60 Fixed/44~36 Variable to a range of 75~60 Fixed/44~40 Variable; Hit Window maintains the upper range of 35~25 Stun for a longer period of time.
Rocket Lance Icon
Rocket Lance
The Rocket Lance Neutral Air’s Stun now has a sharper decrease over the course of its duration and a slightly lower starting value. This will maintain a more steady frame advantage value regardless of what part of the arc strikes the opponent, which opens dodge windows between the Neutral Air and follow-up attacks.
  • Rocket Lance Neutral Air: Decreased Stun from a range of 32~27 to a range of 29~18.
Scythe Icon
The Scythe Down Air now has less Force for the forward version to better match the backwards Active Input version. This decrease in Force maintains the dodge window between the Down Air and other follow-up attacks for a broader range of health values, for more reliable escapes when recovering back to the stage.
  • Scythe Down Air: Decreased Force of the forward aerial version from 52 Fixed/30 Variable to 52 Fixed/24 Variable; Decreased Force of the forward grounded version from 20 Fixed/30 Variable to 20 Fixed/24 Variable.
Spear Icon
We have decreased the Stun of Spear Side Light to widen dodge windows between large follow-up attacks such as the Neutral Air or certain Signatures, as well as requiring a tighter input from the user to consistently follow-up with a Down Light. The Spear Side Air has also received a decrease in Stun to open a dodge window between follow-up attacks, like the Neutral Light.
  • Spear Side Light: Decreased Stun from 19 to 17.
  • Spear Side Air: Decreased Stun from 22 to 20.

Legends[ | ]

Legend Changes
Azoth’s Neutral Bow would often be too slow to catch an opponent’s high degree of aerial mobility, so it now has a faster Minimum Charge time for more reliable use as an anti-air.
  • Azoth Neutral Bow: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 15 to 13.
Loki’s Side Scythe was too quick for its total threat coverage and power, so we have increased its Minimum Charge time and Recover time to allow more room to dodge and respond against this attack. We have also decreased its maximum vertical threat coverage to make it easier to contest from above.

Loki’s Down Katars has received a decrease in Damage to better match its overall range and utility.

  • Loki Side Scythe: Decreased maximum vertical threat coverage; Increased Minimum Charge time from 13 to 16; Increased total Recover time from 20 to 22.
  • Loki Down Katars: Decreased Damage from 24 to 22.
Sentinel’s Down Hammer has received an increase in Damage to better match its long Time to Hit and telegraphed movement.
  • Sentinel Down Hammer: Increased total Damage from 22 to 25.
Sir Roland’s Side Sword now has a faster Minimum Charge time to better match its lengthy commitment and duration. We have also shifted the Damage to focus on the final hit, as it would previously deal far too little Damage when striking with only the stab.

Sir Roland’s Down Sword now has greater Force since it would previously take too long to score knockouts with the middle and end of the attack when compared to other similar attacks.

  • Sir Roland Side Sword: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 15 to 13; Shifted Damage to be mostly focused on the final hit.
  • Sir Roland Down Sword: Increased Force from 68 Fixed/48 Variable to 68 Fixed/50 Variable.
It was previously too easy to maneuver around Yumiko’s Down Bow projectiles, so we have reduced the Recover time of this Signature so the user can apply more consistent pressure after using this unique attack.
  • Yumiko Down Bow: Decreased Fixed Recover time from 18 to 16.

Game Improvements[ | ]


  • Players can now ban two Maps individually in all queues!
  • All platforms have a new option in System Settings: Spectate Delay. Select “Speed” for a 1 second delay, or “Quality” for a 3 second delay.


  • Chests are now available in one tab in Mallhalla!
  • Added a new toggle box for Cross-Progression. On PC, you can press C to toggle the star or click the boxes. On Xbox and Switch press “A” to toggle it. On mobile, tap to select. PlayStation will display the appropriate buttons when that goes live!

Bug Fixes[ | ]


  • Fixed a bug where players using a controller could not back out from the “rename local player” menu.
  • Fixed a bug where Gadget drop shadows were visible before the Gadget spawned.
  • Fixed a bug where the achievement/trophy for playing 30 Matchmade games required the player to play 50 Matchmade games.


  • Fixed a bug where players could not pan or zoom the camera while paused in replay mode.

Undocumented Changes[ | ]