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Patch 8.00
Release Date: October 11, 2023
Previous Patch: Patch 7.13
Next Patch: Patch 8.01

Overview[ | ]

The spookiest season is here. Ghouls, goblins, and all manner of creatures of Demon Island gather to celebrate Brawlhalloween! Ring in the frightening festivities with 2 new spine-tingling Skins for Arcadia and Wu Shang. Claim the first ever Brawlhalloween Sidekick — Diablo and the new seasonal Emojis. To find these and even more Halloween treats, just follow the candy corn in Mallhalla!

For those in pursuit of Glory, and the coveted Valhallan Rank, Ranked Season 30 begins next week on October 18th.

Make a toast to 8 years of Brawlhalla! Save the date because the festivities begin on November 1st!

Patch 8.00 also includes the new Gadget – Sticky Bomb – graduating from test features into all queues! We’ve also made game improvements and bug fixes.

Happy Brawlhalloween 2023[ | ]

The spooky season of trick or treat and frightening feats is here! We’re celebrating Brawlhalloween starting today by opening up the crypt underneath Mallhalla. There you’ll find 18 seasonal Skins, including new ones for Arcadia and Wu Shang, a brand new Sidekick, Emojis, Ofrenda 2023 Podium, Colors, and more! Just follow the trail of candy corn and you won’t lose your way.

See the list below for all the new exclusive treats:


Diabolical Doll Arcadia

“Watch out for your teddy bear.”


“Dark forces spur the beginnings of this Great One’s domination.”

Patch800 img1


Diablo – “The most haunting of friends!”

  • New Brawlhalloween seasonal Sidekick!
  • Arcadia’s building an army of possessed stuffed animals.


New Brawlhalloween seasonal Emojis!

  • Ray of the Dead Thumbs Up – “Always brush your teeth after eating candy!”
  • Punkin Spice 1 More – “Trick or treat!”
  • Horseman Cackle – “Mua-ha-ha-hah!!” – An animated Emoji!


Ofrenda 2023 – “An offering for our KO’d Brawlers.”

  • The expression on the sugar skull’s face changes depending on the Podium’s state! (Ready/Idle, Lock In, Victory, & Defeat)
  • Exclusive updated art for 2023!
  • Featuring unique sound and visual FX.

Patch800 img2

New Gadget: Sticky Bomb[ | ]

After much testing and community feedback in Experimental, the new Gadget – Sticky Bomb – is graduating into all queues!

The Sticky Bomb attaches to a player when thrown and detonates after a short time. See below for full details!

When thrown, this Gadget attaches to a player and blinks in red for a short time until it detonates. It can be passed to another player by running into them.

Local Tournament Support[ | ]

In addition to the recent update which unlocks stances in local tournament lobbies, we have now added the ability for players to be renamed in local (offline) tournaments! Now when hosting a local tournament you can have custom names visible on streams and recordings instead of only seeing “Player 1”, “Player 2”, etc.

This feature is currently available on PC & Mac, and PlayStation 4 & 5.

To give players a custom name:

  • Go to “Couch Party” in the “Offline Play” screen.
  • Open the “Settings” menu and select the “Lobby” tab.
  • Select either “Tournament 1v1” or “Tournament 2v2” and then select “Confirm”.
  • In the “Manage Party” menu on the top left hand side, select the player you want to change the name of.
  • On the popup screen that appears, select “rename”
  • Type your new display name in the new popup screen, and press “Enter when completed”
  • Enjoy your custom display name for the duration of the offline tournament!

8th Anniversary Celebration[ | ]

Let’s make a toast to 8 years of Brawlhalla! Artemis and Diana have put together their best celebratory outfits. A new Sidekick also joins the party, along with 3 new Emojis dressed to the nines. Save the date, the festivities begin on November 1st!

Patch800 img3

Game Improvements[ | ]


  • “Big Icon” damage indicators now appear the same color as the damage indicator next to the top right of the screen.

Art & Animation

  • The Wall Tag Emote now layers behind other objects so that the concrete wall doesn’t cover up other players.
  • Updates to the animated Miami Dome Background.

Bug Fixes[ | ]


  • For the Nintendo Switch, we fixed a bug where the camera mode can now change during a match while in handheld mode.
  • Fixed a rare crash during rollbacks.
  • Fixed an occasional desync related to using a Sidekick Summoner Horn with no Weapons in the lobby.

Art & Animation

  • The Chaos Harvester Scythe Weapon Skin now animates properly when equipped by Loki.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to click on menu buttons while a sponsored video is playing.
  • Loki’s base Weapon Names now display correctly. “Tethered Plane” Scythe & “Realm Etchers” Katars.