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Patch 6.11
Release Date: September 28, 2022
Previous Patch: Patch 6.10
Next Patch: Patch 7.00

Overview[ | ]

Hattori has returned in her ultimate form in Battle Pass Classic: Return to Demon Island! Discover new and classic rewards and missions as you journey through 85 tiers worth of content by playing Brawlhalla.

All players automatically gain access to the Battle Pass free track and all Weekly Missions with an option to purchase the Gold track for even more rewards.

This patch also includes new features like Training Mode in all queues, placement matches in Ranked, performance improvements, and more.

Soar with the valkyries in Ranked Season 26 by achieving the new Valhallan rank! Begin the climb on October 5th.

Battle Pass Classic: Return to Demon Island![ | ]

Rejoin Akuma no Kogo Hattori in battle through her Demon Island realm. Return to Demon Island features an up-to-date Battle Pass track with 85 tiers that lasts for 12 weeks!

Discover new rewards unlockable by playing Brawlhalla and completing updated missions. Plus, enjoy some exclusive rewards for those who were the original deities of Demon Island.

This Battle Pass season features new rewards like Emojis, a UI Theme, a Greatsword Weapon Skin, and more, while also starring classics like Akuma no Kogo Hattori, Obake Petra Progression Skin, and many other demonic finds.

Battle Pass Classic: Return to Demon Island also features:

  • A free track extending through all 12 weeks of the Battle Pass.
  • A purchasable Gold Track with additional exclusive rewards like the Spirit Temple Progression Podium.
  • Players that bought the Gold Track during the original run of Battle Season 1 do not need to purchase the Gold Track again.
  • All players are granted access to all the Weekly Missions!
  • A UI takeover featuring Akumo No Kogo Hattori.
  • For all the completionists, a new Title Reward awaits you if you make it through all 85 tiers, and a new Avatar if you also complete all the missions!

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Battle Pass Classic Rewards

Return to Demon Island includes new rewards and classics in this updated track. Progression is saved for players that participated in the original run of Battle Pass Season 1.

All players are automatically granted access to a Battle Pass track to unlock more unique Colors, a new Title reward, Avatars, Emotes, Emojis, a Sidekick, and a Weapon Skin.

  • Players can also unlock the Gold track to immediately unlock some exclusive items, like the Progression Skin and Podium.

Unlocking the Gold track grants access to a tremendous amount of additional exclusive items and also contains boosters to unlock rewards even faster.

  • Gold Track rewards include the Obake Petra Progression Skin, Akuma no Kogo Hattori Epic Skin, Blue Oni Sidekick, Mammoth Coins, and so much more.

A unique Title Reward awaits those who first participated in Battle Pass Season 1.

  • Oni Master: for players who had completed the free track previously at Tier 46.
  • Deity of Demon Island: for players who had purchased the Gold track previously.
  • These Title Rewards will automatically be granted to players who meet these qualifications.

Players will automatically obtain all new content that has been added to tiers they have completed during the original premier. Patch611 img2

Updated Missions for Battle Pass

Return to Demon Island comes with classic and refreshed missions to complete!

  • All players are granted access to all the Weekly Missions!
  • Daily, Weekly, and General missions are available throughout the season.
  • Earn Battle Gems by completing missions to earn rewards!
  • Battle Gems measure a player’s progress toward the next reward tier.
  • Unlocking the Gold track will grant boosters for more opportunities to earn Battle Gems and rewards.

Earn Battle Gems to Level Up

If you’re new to Brawlhalla’s Battle Pass seasons, each week new missions unlock new opportunities to earn more Battle Gems while still allowing previous missions to be completed.

  • Battle Gems are earned by completing missions in matchmaking games except for Brawl of the Week.

Players can get even more Battle Gems just by playing Brawlhalla. Any matchmaking game rewards Battle Pass XP that advances the “Earn Battle Pass XP” mission.

  • Completing the mission gives players Gems and a new more challenging “Earn Battle Pass XP” mission.

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New Placement Matches & Elo Calculation Updates[ | ]

Players beginning their ranked climb now have 10 placement matches to better determine their skill level and starting Elo.

  • Each season, for Ranked 1v1 and Ranked 2v2, your first 10 matches will serve as placement matches that will have a greater effect on your Elo than normal games. Your rating will be hidden until after you have completed your placement matches for that queue.
  • For Ranked Season 25, any players who have already played 10 matches will be unaffected by this.
  • After a ranked season reset, players will still have their Elo undergo a soft reset as usual.

Starting with Season 26 we are adjusting how Elo gains and losses are made for top level players.

  • We have run simulations of this tuning for our rating system: we expect it to result in player rankings (leaderboard order) which are more closely tied to underlying skill levels.
  • These changes will only occur for players above 2400 Elo rating.

We hope this change will make the new season more exciting, and will help our matchmaking system to arrive at fairer matches earlier in the season. Patch611 img4

New Rank: Valhallan coming to Season 26[ | ]

Coming in Ranked Season 26 on October 5th, Diamond ranked players in 1v1 and 2v2 who have won 100+ matches and reached the top of their region will be greeted with a new ranking, Valhallan.

  • Upon achieving the new rank players will receive a new Avatar, Loading Frame, and Title.
  • Players that have achieved Valhallan rank but are pushed out of the range will lose the Valhallan Loading Frame and see their Avatars dim to a fallen status. Loading Frames will be regained and Avatars will reactivate upon reentering the Valhallan Rank.

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Training Mode in Queue[ | ]

Training Mode in Queue is here and in every matchmaking mode! Players queuing for all game modes can now choose to be put into a 1v1 training mode vs a bot while waiting for their match.

  • This option can be toggled on and off in the Preferences section of the top right menu.
  • This also includes the ability to frame-step and use the Power Viewer.
  • Training Mode in Queue currently uses the 1v1 Ranked Map set.
  • Queuing with multiple local players will still always put the queuing players in a bot FFA match.

Patch611 img6

Network Performance Options for Windows[ | ]

We’ve integrated Network Next into Brawlhalla for Windows. Network Next is designed to improve your network connection to our servers. It will continuously monitor your connection to see if it can find a more efficient route to our servers and it will reroute when it finds an improvement. If your route to our servers is already optimal it will keep using that route. This performance update will help fix temporary internet problems that can cause issues between you and our servers.

Network Next is enabled by default to monitor and improve all player connections. We have included an option to disable Network Next for any users in special circumstances who may prefer using an external VPN, such as ExitLag, to improve their connection route instead of Brawlhalla’s built-in Network Next solution, as using both at the same time could cause connection issues.

  • We are launching this first for Windows users, with additional platforms to come in future patches.
  • For users who prefer to use an external program or would like to disable Network Next, use /NETWORKNEXTDISABLE via the in-game chat.
  • Use /NETWORKNEXTENABLE via the in-game chat to use Network Next if you have previously manually disabled it.

Game Improvements[ | ]

User Experience

In-Match Performance Improvements

  • Improved our graphics precaching step to preload more assets, resulting in a smoother framerate during gameplay.
  • Updated tech-test and improved the -framefix command line argument. This should improve performance and reduce input latency on a graphics engine level.
  • -framefix and -framefixunbounded uses a new rendering mode to reduce latency.

Experimental Queue Rematch Feature

  • We’ve added the ability to rematch opponents in the Experimental queue.
  • Rematch opponents up to a best of three!

Improved performance related to Emojis by updating how memory is freed.

User Interface

  • Epic Skins and Crossovers now display their unique idle poses as well as their selected pose if they have one in the Image Render Tool.
  • Added an additional notification to let players know if they have cross-play disabled that it may result in longer queue times.


  • Adjusted Cassidy’s and Hattori’s torsos in their character select animations.

Bug Fixes[ | ]

User Experience

  • Fixed a bug where landing on-stage after experiencing a Wall Slip during the same frame a player gets hit would improperly reset that player’s jumps.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where leveling a Legend up to level 100 would result in the Legend XP screen on the Scoreboard to display “99” to “10”. It will now correctly display “100” with a smaller font.
  • Fixed a bug with post-match Legend rank display.
  • Fixed a rare bug where the in-game rank region displays as “unknown.”
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Ranked textbox in the Character Selection screen.

Art & Animation

  • Fixed a layering issue with Nix’s character select animation.
  • Fixed an animation issue in Onyx’s character select where animated Cannons wouldn’t loop correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Emoji menu would not properly dim during the short cooldown between sending Emojis.