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Gamemodes in Brawlhalla are different types of ways that the game can be played.

On the main menu of Brawlhalla, there are 5 different options available to start a game:

Each of these options contains different Gamemodes that the player can select.


The Lobby is the room where a player selects their Legend before the match. The type of mode being queued for can be changed in the Lobby settings found at the top of the screen, where the player can switch between the Lobby Modes.

The two types of Lobby Modes are:

  • Custom Online - which holds only the Custom Online Gamemode.
  • Matchmaking - which holds all the Gamemodes available through Casual Matchmaking, Ranked, and Brawl Of The Week.

In the Lobby settings, the player can chose whether to allow or disallow friends and clanmates from joining the Lobby. In Matchmaking modes, the player can chose to ban one single map and additionally ban gadgets in the Ranked modes.


The following is a list of all the different Gamemodes in Brawlhalla:

Additionally, Brawl Of The Week will sometimes feature Gamemodes that can't be played anywhere else: