Mirage The Magic-Wielding Time-Traveler.

Mirage, a Legend from Bawlhalla released in 11 of January, 2017. She's the first Legend featuring the Scythe as her weapon (along side with Spear). She can be unlocked for 5400 gold on Store. She has a long black hair and uses what resembles a desert/Pharaoh typical cloth (covering hers head and body) with some cyan jewels and also a minor red thunder tattoo under hers purples eyes. She uses her magic powers to also control sand making her a strong and fast opponent which is shown on the battlefield of Valhalla's eternal tournament.

"Scholars have long puzzled over why the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for 'badass' is a combination is magic, scythe, and woman."

- Journal of Archaeology

Mirage is a Legend from Brawlhalla featuring the Scythe and Spear as hers weapons.


"Of all the afterlifes, you had to walk into this one. What are you calling yourself these days?"

-Mirage to Orion

In 1920, occultist, martial artist and spy Fatima Sabiq, codenamed agent Mirage, pursued the nefarious Professor Price back in time through a gate in the pyramid of Pharaoh Amenemhet the Great.

She assumed, as a magic-wielding time-traveler, she would be the strangest thing in the Ancient Egypt. She was not even close. The Nile River Valley of 2000 BC was nexus of magic, aliens, technology, and living myth beyond the wildest speculations of her time.

She discovered Darkah, the city of assassins under the desert dunes, and was inducted into their mystic society. She learned from forty-foot Sphinx the martial discipline he called sand-weaving. She hitched a ride on a passing Zhaktari star cruiser, and stole the Scythe of Horus from a one-eyed alien. She slew the mad Pharaoh Eh'zath who called plagues of snakes from the sky. She learned the language of the Merfolk to better parley with the Atlantean ambassador. On 'Bax' her flying camel, she led the Panther People to victory over the slave caravans of the ram-headed god Khnum.

In Valhalla, she is at home amongst the strange collection of characters who battle i the highest ranks of the Great Tournament. She has been surprised to find old friends, enemies, and even a target in the halls of glory.



Mirage's stats are great, with 7 points on Strength she packs a punch. Yet, with Scythe, your main idea should be able build damage and take opportunities of 'gimps' off stage, Mirage's signatures on Scythe are really good to finish your opponent but needed to be used wisely. For her Spear, you should keep the basic of spacing and pressure potential that it has and having knowledge that her Spear Dsig hits stack and is good for when you are too close to your opponent and can get yourself back to the neutral game fairly easy. If you have tried any other Scythe legend before you probably heard that: "Scythe is a Hard Read Weapon"; and by that we mean in order to build damage you need to read your opponent's movements/dodges since it has little to know "True Combos".

Skins and Variants