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Map Selection Screen in Training Mode

Maps (previously called Realms) refer to the myriad stages and locations where the battles of Brawlhalla are fought. These can vary from prehistoric temples of bone and stone to floating platforms above a steam-driven Victorian city. Some correspond to certain characters and themes, others do not.

Maps can come in three sizes: small, standard, and big. Each map has a standard sized variant, while only certain maps have small, big, or both variants. Typically, smaller maps are intended for 1v1 and larger maps are intended for free-for-all matches, however this is different per map.

In Custom Online lobbies, players can vote for what map they want to play and change the Map Set freely. Maps are selected randomly in Casual Matchmaking and Ranked, but the player has the option to ban a single map from play.

List of Maps[ | ]

Regular Maps[ | ]

The following maps can be played on in regular gamemodes:

Gamemode Specific[ | ]

The following maps can only be played on certain gamemodes:

Test Maps[ | ]

Test Maps are special maps that are generally added so the devs can receive feedback on the map's design. These maps can only be accessed through custom games with the test maps setting enabled, or through experimental queues (if any are available). Unlike regular maps, test maps do not have any finalized theme, instead reusing art assets from other maps.

If a test map is well received, it will graduate into a full map, where it will receive a new name and theme. Otherwise, test maps will either stay exclusively as test maps or become entirely unavailable after some time.

Available Test Maps[ | ]

Currently, there is only one available test map:

Unavailable Test Maps[ | ]

This list is a work in progress: