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Fait, Kaya, and Thor (left to right) with Charged OG Colors using the Sweet Taste of Victory Taunt

During May of 2019, BMG hosted a tournament with a cash prize of $40,000. While this tournament went on, casual Brawlhalla players could participate in the MTN DEW AMP GAME FUEL Championship Event upon opening their game. This event launched on May 13th in 2019 on Patch 3.42. During this event, players were given daily login bonus Gold and were given the chance to unlock exclusive Legend colors and avatars as well as Brawlhalla's first "free" emote.

Available items[ | ]

Name Preview Acquisition (during event)
Charged OG Colors Color Charged OG Bödvar Charged OG Win a matchmaking game with a Legend during the event to earn colors for that Legend.
Sweet Taste of Victory Emote
Taunt Sweet Taste of Victory Still
Earn 10,000 Legend XP total in matchmaking queues during the event.
Charged Bödvar Gamer Avatar
Avatar BodvarMD
Earned for opening the game during the event.
Charged Ada Gamer Avatar
Avatar AdaMD
Purchased from Mallhalla for Coin Gold 1000 during the event.