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Lost Labyrinth
Map LostLabyrinth
Theme: Hedge Maze
Home To: Teros
Sizes: Standard

Lost Labyrinth is one of the Maps available in Brawlhalla. It is a stone arena floating above a massive, green maze. Over time, pieces of the map will start to shift, adding to the labyrinth theme. Among the monuments in the background, a statue of Teros can be seen carved into a hilltop.

Teros' lore shows this map is part of Peril Mountain, a long-abandoned maze of tunnels.

Variations[ | ]

  • Standard: Two main platforms, one on the bottom left and one on the top right, connected by a soft platform. Four soft platforms stacked above the left main platform. The map begins to move over time; After 43.75 seconds (~40.6 at the start), the right platform moves down to the same level of the left platform, taking ~5.2 seconds, and the stacked soft platforms start to rotate in a circle. After ~32.3 seconds, the map moves back to its original state, taking ~5.2 seconds.
  • Big: Additional platforms have been added: an L shaped platform above the right-side platform, two more main platforms and three more soft platforms on the far right side. In addition to other movement, the L shaped platform will move slightly right and two of the floating soft platforms will move closer to its base. The map starts to move after ~57 seconds, and moves for ~45.8 seconds before returning to the original state.
Map LostLabyrinth
Intended for free-for-all matches.
Map LostLabyrinth Large
Intended for free-for-all with 5+ players.