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In the game, players will have 9 Legends available to play for free. These legends will only be free for 7 days. Rotations offer the same selection of Legends to everyone on every platform. All daily challenges are doable by at least 1 of the free Legends during the week the challenge is given.

The available free Legends will be switched out each week, usually on a Wednesday (assuming the player has an internet connection). Each rotation attempts to include Legends that provide the player with at least 1 of each weapon throughout their loadouts, but sometimes, the occasional weapon will be missing from the rotation's loadout. After the switch, 9 different legends will be available to play for free, and the previous 9 will remain locked for players who haven't bought them until some other rotation includes them. Included Legends are seemingly selected at random for each rotation, however, newer Legends tend to be included in a rotation three weeks after their original release.

During the week of any given rotation, the available legends will have a small blue icon with an exclamation point below their picture in the Legend select menu. If a purchased Legend is a part of the rotation, that Legend will have an icon as well.

Current Rotation

from June 22nd - 29th, 2022