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"Equally at home in the tundra or spirit realm." - Mallhalla purchase description

Kaya is a Legend featuring the Spear and Bow as her weapons. She can be unlocked for 5400 gold.

As the story goes...

“Kaya, daughter of Kiviuk, the fate of all People is in your hands. If you fail, the sky will fall, the sun will vanish, and the world will be consumed by monsters. This is your destiny.” – Great Owl Spirit

When Kaya was six she could put an arrow through a falling snowflake. At eight she brought down two bison with one spear throw. At ten she was visited by an owl spirit who told her she would decide the fate of her world. More interesting to her, the spirit also showed her how to befriend the wooly mammoth.

Atop her great mammoth, Blue, Kaya became the beloved icon of her tribe, the People of the Lights. Kaya and Blue stalked every corner of the frozen tundra, finding adventure and amassing a huge supply of lost mittens.

In Kaya's fourteenth year, the Ice Titans thought to be only a legend, brutally attacked Kaya's village. The Titans pillaged or destroyed every store of food, skin, or kayak. Though still a child, Kaya and Blue led her people through the Northern Lights, straight into the heart of Jotunheim. In the Titan homeland, Kaya fought with the reckless bravery and tactical brilliance of one far beyond her years.

The valkyrie Hypernia saw Kaya's unconquerable heart and offered her a place in the warrior's heaven. In Valhalla, Kaya rejoiced in exploring the strange world of Asgard with her best friend, Hypernia's young daughter Brynn. Now, as Brynn has grown older, Kaya has begun to take an interest in the Grand Tournament as well, and she thinks perhaps she and Blue will give a try.

“Got it, no problem.” – Kaya




Color variations


  • Kaya's default weapons are the 'Prey Catcher' (Spear) and the 'Ivory Snare' (Bow) - the Prey Catcher is one of the few Spear skins to have no blade at its tip.
  • Kaya's bot name is Kayandroid.
  • If Kaya uses her Spear Neutral Sig when Gravity Cancelled, and with no jumps remaining, the Mammoth is darkened out (like Kaya herself) until the end of the attack, when it suddenly brightens.
  • Kaya is one of only three Legends not to be standing during the Legend selection screen, as she sits on the floor instead. The other two are Azoth and Sidra. She does, however, stand up when selected.
  • Kaya’s mammoth, Blue, is an obvious shout-out to Brawlhalla’s developers, Blue Mammoth Games.


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