The Shogun's Shadow

Jiro [Male]

Scythe and Sword

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The Shogun's Shadow

"Of course i suspect he 'removed' the previous 9 shoguns, but if he removes this one i can take over! Don't worry, I've got it all figured out."
– Soon-to-be-Shogun Mizugaw
"We don't like to brag, but we're kind of impressed of how many people are here because of us. Did I say us? I mean me. Just one me."
– Jiro, eyes shifting side to side and staring at the cealing

As the story goes...

The masterful shinobi from the Iga and Koga clans were know far and wide . it was behind these clever diversions that the unparalelled Gensoujin family plied their trade.

Secreted away in the Realm of Twilight it was here that Jiro trained as a child. From the beggining, his reckless and unorthodox ways kept him in the top of his class and n trouble with the elders. Whe he was told to "use the darkness to your advantage," he convinced other trainees' Shadows to fight as his side and set a School record. Perfecting his Saiyokage technique, he began taking others' shadows for good and struck out on his own.

If the family dojo wasn't ready for Jiro, his targets in the mortal world were even less prepared. With each victory he added another shadow to his arsenal, Shogun Mizugawa's reign ended in the setting sun when Jiro's Shadow stretched over the fortress waññ and sliced him in two. He hooked and set the Blood Moon with his Kusarigama to turn the Demon Shogun Yotsunaga mortal. Briefly. Most notably, Jiro dissapeared under a flood of Shadows along with his entire army.

Now in Valhalla, some say Jiro is hiding from death, but Wu Shang says he's hiding behind the grand tapestry in the Great Hall as a part of the yearly hide-and-seek tourment with Kaya and Caspian. Together, Jiro and his shadows climb the rankings and are still all too happy to take a contract for the right price.