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Yellow Big Rig Bodvar using the Lyre Solo Emote.
Yellow Big Rig Bodvar using the Lyre Solo Emote.
Represents: Flag of United StatesUnited States
Known for playing: Bödvar
Highest ever Elo: 2935
Socials: Twitter

Java is a professional eSports Brawlhalla player. He is best known for performing exceptionally well in the Winter Championship 2021. This tournament alone boosted his Power Ranking from 25th to 12th.

In the Winter Championship 2021, Java first caught the attention of the audience by defeating wrenchd in a 3-0 match in the top 32. His next opponent was Sandstorm, who he also defeated 3-0. After that, he defeated Cody Travis, 3-0. These three consecutive wins immediately gave Java the nickname "The Godkiller." Java's next game with Boomie ultimately sent him into the lower bracket. Java was able to rematch Boomie in Grand Finals before achieving 2nd place in the tournament.

It is speculated that Java anonymously "stream sniped" Addymestic on a Pro vs. Viewers Dev Stream on April 12, 2021.

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