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Jade Dragon Weapons
Jade Dragon Weapon Skins
Items in Set: 14
Cost per Item: Coin Mammoth 60
Cost for Whole Set: Coin Mammoth 840

Jade Dragon Weapons is a Skin Set available in the game Brawlhalla. This Skin Set was introduced in Patch 2.38.1 and gets updated as new weapons come out.

The skins in this set are based on jade dragons, a popular ornament in Chinese culture. As such, these weapons are all made of jade, and share a distinct turquoise color scheme. Most of the weapons in this set also feature a dragon's face carved into the weapon, with jade fangs flaring out of a grimacing face accented by bright ruby eyes.

There are 14 skins included in this set.

Weapons[ | ]

Name Image Cost Description
Moonbeam Jade Sword Coin Mammoth 60 Forged in the light of a thousand moons.
Laughing Dragon Jade Hammer Coin Mammoth 60 Laughter is the best medicine.
Double Dragons Jade Blasters Coin Mammoth 60 These twins take on the comers.
Enlightened Song Jade Spear Coin Mammoth 60 Only the most powerful can sing this tune.
Dragon's Breath Jade Lance Coin Mammoth 60 Down from the mountain in fire and rage.
Dynasty and Legacy Jade Katars Coin Mammoth 60 These blades were the start of an empire.
Jade Crescent Jade Axe Coin Mammoth 60 Each swing brings the heavens a little closer.
Fu Fists Jade Gauntlets Coin Mammoth 60 Protector of the ultimate temple.
Destiny's Way Jade Bow Coin Mammoth 60 The wielder of this weapon forges their own fate.
The Jade Price Jade Scythe Coin Mammoth 60 The cost paid in full by your opponents.
Jade Dragon Jade Cannon Coin Mammoth 60 Pillar of earth and breath of the heavens.
Fu Lion Charm Fu Lion Charm Coin Mammoth 60 Eternal protection from the heavens.
Dragon's Fury Dragon's Fury Coin Mammoth 60 Summons the might of a thousand dragons.
Divine Dragoneers Divine Dragoneers Coin Mammoth 60 May your steps be guided by the Jade Dragons.