Hitboxes are a feature in almost every game, however, they are typically standardized "boxes". Brawlhalla's hitboxes are actually circles that are within the weapon of each character. Note: Hitboxes are different from Hurtboxes. Hitboxes show where a player can be hit from with an attack, while Hurtboxes show where you (the attacker) can get hit from.


Each character will typically have hitboxes in the animation of their weapon to easily distinguish where they will hit from.


Punching hitbox.

Here we can see that the punch from Kor has multiple colors. These colors are only there to make them easier to distinguish frame-by-frame. You can see the hitboxes of the punch. The yellow circle is the Hurtbox where Kor can be hit from. The Hurtbox is typically the same for every character.


In the second image we see what the hitboxes and hurtboxes are for sweeping kicks.


The final image is an example of different hitboxes for different weapons in the game. The heavy+down attack for Kor is rocks coming out from below around him, causing players to go flying upward. We see the hitboxes where they form and can hit the player.

Custom Weapon Hitboxes

Each weapon's heavy attack has a unique hitbox as you saw from the pictures above.

Here are just a few of those!

Hattori - Heavy Air


Lucien - Heavy Right


More to come soon!

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