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Glory in Brawlhalla

Glory is a currency in the game Brawlhalla. It can be used to buy Colors, Emotes, UI Themes, and Weapon Skins from the Ranked section of Mallhalla.

Glory is awarded after every ranked season. To earn any glory at all you must have participated in at least 10 ranked matchmaking games during the previous season.

Calculating Earned Glory[]

The calculation takes into account 2 statistics from your ranked season; your peak Elo and your total number of ranked wins.

An online glory calculator is available on the official Brawlhalla website.

Glory Earned from Peak Elo
Peak Elo Formula
<1200 Glory from Elo -1199.svg
1200-1285 Glory from Elo 1200-1285.svg
1286-1389 Glory from Elo 1286-1389.svg
1390-1679 Glory from Elo 1390-1679.svg
1680-1999 Glory from Elo 1680-1999.svg
2000-2299 Glory from Elo 2000-2299.svg
≥2300 Glory from Elo 2300-.svg
Where a is your peak Elo.
Glory Earned from Wins
Wins Formula
≤150 Glory from Wins -150.svg
>150 Glory from Wins 151-.svg
Where t is your total win count.