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Gauntlets Example
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Gauntlets is one of the Weapons used in the game Brawlhalla.

The Gauntlets are a set of large fighting gloves. Their size allows for enhanced hand combat, and are well known for their ability to beat up and lob around opponents.

Kit[ | ]

Ground Attacks[ | ]

Neutral Light[ | ]

The user unleashes a flurry of punches. If it connects, the user will have a finishing blow and dealing knockback.

Side Light[ | ]

The user does a small uppercut forwards and arcs upwards, knocking enemies diagonally upwards relative to the user. This attack releases very little knockback against the enemy, allowing the user to connect the attack with another.

Down Light[ | ]

The user steps forward and pounds on the ground using one fist. This attack has greater attack range compared to the other gauntlet attacks and releases little knockback against the enemy, allowing the user to connect the attack with another.

Air Attacks[ | ]

Neutral Air[ | ]

The user puts their hands together and tries to grab the enemy of them. If the enemy is grabbed, the user will throw the enemy down.

Side Air[ | ]

The user dashes and punches forward. If it connects, then the user will punch them again, dealing knockback.

Down Air[ | ]

The user unleashes a flurry of punches downwards.

Recovery[ | ]

The user does an uppercut that sends the enemy straight up.

Ground Pound[ | ]

The user falls with their arms behind them. When you cancel the ground pound or hit an enemy, the user will bring their arms down. Unlike most other ground pounds, this ground pound is able to be steered forwards after input.

Legends that use Gauntlets[ | ]

Character Primary Secondary
SkinIcon Kor Classic Gauntlets Icon Grapple Hammer Icon
SkinIcon WuShang Classic Gauntlets Icon Spear Icon
SkinIcon Val Classic Gauntlets Icon Sword Icon
SkinIcon Cross Classic Blasters Icon Gauntlets Icon
SkinIcon Mordex Classic Scythe Icon Gauntlets Icon
SkinIcon Caspian Classic Gauntlets Icon Katars Icon
SkinIcon Zariel Classic Gauntlets Icon Bow Icon
SkinIcon Rayman Classic Gauntlets Icon Axe Icon
SkinIcon Petra Classic Gauntlets Icon Orb Icon
SkinIcon Onyx Classic Gauntlets Icon Cannon Icon
SkinIcon Tezca Classic Battle Boots Icon Gauntlets Icon