Brawlhalla Wiki

This page gives an overview of everything relating to the gameplay of Brawlhalla.


Legends are the unique playable characters of the game.
Different ways to play Brawlhalla.
The realms of Valhalla where Legends go to fight.
Earn XP to boost your level.
Challenges the player can face for in-game rewards.
Gold and how to use it.
The in-game history of Brawlhalla and its characters.
The default controls used to play the game.


The mechanics of combat in Brawlhalla.

Info on the weapons each Legend carries into combat.
The science behind punches and kicks.
Jumping and Dodging your way to victory.
Strength, dexterity, speed and defense for each Legend.
Modifying stats for a strategic edge.
Bombs, Spike Balls and other tools to knock your opponents around.
The different ways to play Brawlhalla.


Cosmetics features available to personalize your Brawlhalla experience.

Customize your Legends' appearance.
Shiny new tools of destruction.
Everything about palette swaps.
Images to express yourself.
Taunting your opponents never looked so good.
The floating buddies that always get you back into battle.
Knockout others in style.
A pillar for your Legend to stand atop.
Player borders seen when loading into battle.
Special themes to further customize yourself in-game.
A tag to let your opponents know who they're dealing with.


Other important features that are a part of Brawlhalla.

Limited time celebrations with exclusive item rewards.
A continual quest for those in pursuit of a challenge.
Bonus content for loyal fans.
Gather friends and make a team!
Challenges for the most dedicated brawlers.
Roll for skins with the chance of unique rewards.
Watch streams and get free rewards.
Chat with others through expressive emojis.
You met a dev, you deserve it.
The music of Brawlhalla.
Content that didn't quite make the cut.
Terminology that is often used when talking about Brawlhalla.