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Gadgets are a type of item in the game Brawlhalla. Similar to Weapons, gadgets will drop periodically throughout a match. They can be picked up by any player, and can be thrown or even caught if timed right. Players will drop their gadget if they get attacked while holding it.

Thrown gadgets are also affected by "throw clash," meaning they will pass through enemies if the thrower is stunned from an attack and the gadget was thrown less than 25 frames earlier.

The option to disable gadgets can be toggled in the settings, both when creating a Custom Game and when searching for a Ranked Matchmaking Game.

Regular Gadgets[ | ]

The following gadgets are found in the main Gamemodes and most other gamemodes.

Bouncy Bomb[ | ]

Gadget Bomb

When picked up, the Bouncy Bomb can be thrown, changing it's color to red. While red, if the Bouncy Bomb hits the player or an enemy it will explode. This explosion will hurt anyone nearby, even the player who threw it. There is a slight grace period where the Bouncy Bomb will not hurt anyone, meaning if it is thrown too close to the player or the enemy it will pass right through them.

As the name suggests, this item is very bouncy and will bounce off any wall it collides with. If the bomb bounces too much and loses momentum after being thrown, it will turn back to blue, making it safe again. If timed well, a Bouncy Bomb can be picked up after being thrown, avoiding any damage.

Bouncy Bombs have two alternative designs: a pumpkin-themed bomb during Brawlhalloween, and a plain bomb when using the "-noskulls" launch option.

This item despawns after 15 seconds, like most gadgets.

Pressure Mine[ | ]

Gadget Mine

Similar to the Bouncy Bomb, the Pressure Mine is an explosive item. If thrown, it will become active and stick to any wall it touches. If any player touches it while it is active, it will cause an explosion (even for the player who threw it). If no player touches it for over 8 seconds, the Pressure Mine will disappear.

If an enemy hits a thrown Pressure Mine mid-air, it will cause an explosion. However, if the player who threw the Pressure Mine touches it mid-air, it will pass right through them. If timed well, a thrown Pressure Mine can be picked up.

This item despawns after 15 seconds, like most gadgets.

Spike Ball[ | ]

Gadget Spike

The Spike Ball is a thrown item meant to knock around your opponents. Unlike the explosive items, it is unable to damage the player throwing it. If the Spike Ball hits an enemy, the enemy will take damage and be knocked back, and the Spike Ball will lose all momentum. If the Spike Ball hits a wall or the ground, it will not damage any enemy that touches it.

This item despawns after 15 seconds, like most gadgets.

Sidekick Summoner[ | ]

Gadget Horn

The Sidekick Summoner is the most unique of the regular gadgets. When the player uses the Sidekick Summoner, they will blow into it, causing their Sidekick to come charging in from the right side of the screen. The sidekick is holding a weapon, and will drop the weapon wherever the player used the Sidekick Summoner. The sidekick will also cause damage and knockback to any enemies it hits.

When thrown, its speed is 0.9 times that of a normal weapon throw.

The sidekick itself will always charge in from the right, and horizontal to where the summoner was used. Its travel speed is 38.4 units per frame; faster than any player can move. While it depends on the map size, this speed means it will cross the entire map in about 2 - 2.5 seconds.

If a player is knocked off the stage while their sidekick is on the stage, the sidekick will stop and leave the stage to pick up the player. If sudden death activates, all sidekick summoners will disappear.

If weapons are disabled in the lobby settings, the sidekick will not drop a weapon crate when charging onto the stage.

This item despawns after 15 seconds, like most gadgets.

Homing Boomerang[ | ]

Gadget Boomerang

The Homing Boomerang is a newer Gadget, added in Patch 7.06. When thrown, the boomerang will travel forward the further you charge your throw, then return back to the player at a slightly faster speed.

The boomerang must be manually caught when returning to the player, otherwise it will pass through them. Any player can catch a boomerang during it's throw, but only enemies will take damage from the boomerang.

The Homing Boomerang passes through players it hits, meaning it can potentially hit a player twice in one throw. The boomerang's arc of travel is affected both by the player's position and terrain. If the player moves after throwing it, the boomerang will change it's path towards the player. The boomerang can hit terrain during it's initial arc, but if it hits any terrain during its return it will stop pathing back to the player.

When thrown, its speed is 1.25 times that of a normal weapon throw.

This item despawns after 15 seconds, like most gadgets.

Sticky Bomb[ | ]

Gadget Sticky Bomb
Gadget Sticky Bomb Armed


The Sticky Bomb is the latest regular Gadget, added in Patch 7.12. It acts similar to a regular bomb, but sticks to the player on hit, and can be passed around by running into other players.

When thrown, the Sticky Bomb becomes primed, flickering red until it lands on the ground and stops bouncing. While primed, the sticky bomb will attach to anyone opponent it hits or the player who threw it (but not teammates). The initial throw will stun and knockback any opponents it hits. If the player who threw it is hit, they will not be knocked back but get stunned for slightly longer.

Once the Sticky Bomb hits a player, it becomes armed and starts beeping. During this time, the Sticky Bomb can be removed by walking into other players - this causes the opponent who touched you to get stuck with the Sticky Bomb (this does not stun them). 3 seconds after being armed, the Sticky Bomb will explode. This explosion has the same force as a regular bomb, but is larger and deals more damage. The explosion can also be dodged by dodging right before the timer goes off.

This item despawns after 15 seconds, like most gadgets.

Other Gadgets[ | ]

Certain gadgets are only available in specific gamemodes.

Brawlball[ | ]

Gadget Brawlball

The Brawlball gadget is only used in the Brawlball gamemode. This is used to score goals - if a member on one team holds the Brawlball in the other team's end zone, they score a goal. If the Brawlball is dropped off the stage, it is sent back to the middle.

Ricochet Bomb[ | ]

Gadget Bomb Dodgebomb

A variant of the Bouncy Bomb gadget that only appears in the Dodgebomb gamemode. They always spawn on the same set positions on the map, and will respawn about 4 seconds after being picked up. Overall they act like regular bombs, but have some differences; slightly lower base damage and slower travel speed, but are much bouncier and deal more knockback.

Bombsketball Bomb[ | ]

Bombs in the Bombsketball gamemode are visually identical to regular Bouncy Bombs, but are bouncier and have less friction.

This item despawns after 1000 seconds.

Snowball[ | ]

Gadget Snowball

The Snowball gadget is only used in the Snowbrawl gamemode. Hitting an enemy with it will cause great amounts of damage. Once the player throws a snowball, they will receive another one in hand shortly after.

When thrown, its speed is 1.15 times that of a normal weapon throw.

Water Balloon[ | ]

Gadget Balloon Blue

The Water Balloon gadget is used in the Beachbrawl gamemode, and a variant called Water Bomb is used in the Water Bomb Bash gamemode. It also replaces Snowballs in the Snowbrawl gamemode during the Heatwave Event.

When thrown, both variants' speed is 1.15 times that of a normal weapon throw.

In Beachbrawl and Snowbrawl, the Water Balloon is similar to the snowball in that after throwing one, the player will receive another water balloon shorty after. In Beachbrawl specifically, water balloons can not damage other players, and are only used to push the Beachball into the opposing team's net.

In Water Bomb Bash, Water Balloons are altered into the giant Water Bomb. Water Bombs are large versions of the Water Balloon that spawn and can be picked up like regular gadgets. Their explosions on impact are much larger than standard Water Balloons and hurt anyone in the splash, including the player who threw it.

The water bomb despawns after 30 seconds.

Table[ | ]

Gadget Table
Gadget TablePiece

The Table and Table Piece gadgets are only used in the Brawldown gamemode. Tables can be thrown to change their position but can not hurt opponents when being thrown. If a table is not activated within 19.999 seconds, it will disappear.

Tables can only hurt opponents when someone is knocked into it from another attack, at which point it will break into two table pieces. Table pieces can be thrown at enemies to hurt them, but will disappear after hitting someone.

The table despawns after 1000 seconds, and its pieces after 15.

Chair[ | ]

Gadget Chair

The Chair gadget is only used in the Brawldown gamemode. The chair is not thrown like other gadgets, and instead has a unique moveset where the player swings the chair. Hitting an opponent will stun them for a long time, and cause the chair to disappear.

The Chair has four different moves:

Input Attack
Any Grounded Attack The player hops forward and slams the chair on the ground.
This works with all grounded attacks except Neutral Heavy.
Aerial Light The player slams the chair forward, sweeping anything underneath them.
Recovery Same as Aerial Light, but gives the player a large diagonal boost forward.
When exhausted, the diagonal boost will instead be a small jump, and the attack will have no sound due to a developer oversight.
Ground Pound The player holds the chair above their head - if the attack is released while airborne, the players sweeps below them, otherwise they slam the chair into the ground.
The aerial version of this attack has variable force.
This attack also has significantly less stun than any other attack in the moveset.

This item despawns after 30 seconds.

Flag[ | ]

Flag Red
Flag Blue

The Flag is a gadget unique to the Capture the Flag gamemode. A flag spawns on each side of the map, one for the Red team and one for the Blue team. Only players from the enemy team can pick up a flag.

When holding a flag, the player moves slightly slower and can not attack. The flag can be thrown, and is dropped if the player is hit by any attack or thrown item. When dropped, if a player on the same team as the flag touches it, the flag will disappear and respawn at the team's base. When thrown, its speed is 0.9 times that of a normal weapon throw.

The flag is used to score points by capturing it. To capture the enemy's flag, the player must bring it over to their own team's base. The enemy flag can only be captured if your team's flag is still at base - if an enemy is holding your flag, you can not capture theirs until your flag is returned.

Additionally, there are two different effects that can appear on the player when holding a flag:

  • Small ember particles if both teams are holding a flag
  • Large flame surrounding the player if their own flag is still at base (ready to capture)

The effects will always be the color of the opposite team.

Oddball[ | ]

Gadget Oddball

The Oddball gadget is exclusive to the Oddbrawl gamemode. This gadget spawns in the center of the map at the beginning of each round and whenever the Oddball falls off the stage.

Holding the Oddball scores +1 point for every second it is held. When held, however, the player's movement is heavily slowed; this includes reduced speed, acceleration, and friction. The Oddball is picked up automatically when a player walks over it, even if the player is already holding a weapon (this causes the weapon to be dropped).

The Oddball additionally has two attacks, a grounded and aerial attack that both hit directly forward with a small range. The attacks deals little damage, but have high knockback and score +3 points for each successful hit.

When thrown, its speed is 0.85 times that of a normal weapon throw.