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Events are limited-time occurrences to celebrate special occasions in Brawlhalla.

During all events, players will receive an extra Coin Gold.png 250 with their daily login bonus, alongside the ability to unlock special items through the Store or other means.

Seasonal Events[]

Seasonal Events are the most common events, and each occur once every year to coincide with real world holidays. During these events, limited-time items such as Skins and Colors are available through the Store, with these items only being available for purchase during the event.

List of Seasonal Events[]

Crossover Events[]

Crossover Events occur to introduce new crossover characters in the form of Epic Crossover Skins to Brawlhalla, alongside other themed items such as KO Effects and Podiums. Unlike Seasonal Events, Crossover Events are not yearly and rarely ever occur more than once. Additionally, all new items introduced during the event are permanent additions to the Store that can be purchased at any time.

List of Crossover Events[]

Miscellaneous Events[]

Some events are unique compared to others, or are not even recognized as full events.

List of Miscellaneous Events[]