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Emojis are a feature added to Brawlhalla in patch 6.00. Emojis are drawings of characters in different poses to communicate a message, and can be used in both game lobbies and on the post-game screen.

The default bindings to use an Emoji are ] on keyboard and RB on controller, with the "Say GG" keybind automatically sending the "GG" Emoji. There is a small cooldown after sending an Emoji, and muted players Emojis won't display at all.

On the Steam version of Brawlhalla, the Emojis feature replaced post-game chat.

Emoji Skins[]

Emoji appearance be customized with unlockable Emoji Skins. These can be equipped for each individual Emoji in the player's inventory.

Emoji Skins can only be equipped to the specific Emoji slot it was made for; GG emojis can only be equipped to the GG slot, Laugh emoji can only be equipped to the Laugh slot, etc.

Default Emojis[]

These Emojis are available to all players by default.

Emoji Wait.png
Emoji Laugh.png
Emoji Wow.png
Emoji Smart.png
Emoji Rage.png
Emoji BRB.png
Emoji Wave.png
Emoji GG.png
Emoji WP.png
Emoji RIP.png
Emoji Think.png
Emoji Shrug.png
Emoji ThumbsUp.png
Thumbs Up
Emoji ThumbsDown.png
Thumbs Down
Emoji Facepalm.png

Store Emojis[]

These Emoji Skins can be purchased from the Store for Coin Mammoth.png 20 each.

Emoji Wait Val.png
Val Wait
Emoji Laugh Munin.png
Munin Laugh
Emoji Wow Xull.png
Xull Wow
Emoji Smart Mordex.png
Mordex Smart
Emoji Rage Petra.png
Petra Rage
Emoji BRB Brynn.png
Brynn BRB
Emoji Wave Rayman.png
Rayman Wave
Emoji GG Jiro.png
Jiro GG
Emoji WP Hattori.png
Hattori WP
Emoji RIP Nix.png
Emoji Think Mirage.png
Mirage Think
Emoji Shrug Asuri.png
Asuri Shrug
Emoji ThumbsUp Jaeyun.png
Jaeyun Thumbs Up
Emoji ThumbsDown Zariel.png
Zariel Thumbs Down
Emoji Facepalm Ember.png
Ember Facepalm

Battle Pass Emojis[]

These Emojis can be unlocked as rewards from Battle Passes.

Emoji Laugh Equinox.png
Equinox Laugh
Season Six - Free Pass Season Six | Tier 12 Reward
Emoji WP Elder Wild.gif
Elder Wild WP
Season Six - Gold Pass Season Six | Tier 28 Reward
Emoji Smart Deathcap.png
Deathcap Smart
Season Six - Free Pass Season Six | Tier 38 Reward
Emoji GG Fangwild's Heart.gif
Fangwild's Heart GG
Season Six - Gold Pass Season Six | Tier 60 Reward
Emoji ThumbsUp Puella Papilio.png
Puella Papilio Thumbs Up
Season Six - Free Pass Season Six | Tier 76 Reward


  • Some of these Emojis, such as the Orion GG Emoji, were originally Twitch emotes for the official Brawlhalla Twitch channel.