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Downloadable Content (or DLC) refers to extra content for Brawlhalla that can be purchased from the digital storefront that provides Brawlhalla, such as Steam or the Playstation Store. While the content itself usually varies, most downloadable content contains limited time cosmetic items that are exclusive to the DLC pack, alongside some extra Mammoth Coins.

The only two DLC packs that have been available for an extended period of time are the Collectors Pack and the All-Legends Pack.

List of DLC[ | ]

These lists are ordered by reverse date of release.

Note that these are based on Steam release dates - some DLC expire earlier or later on different platforms.

Currently Available[ | ]

Expired[ | ]

Subscription Bundles[ | ]

Some premium subscription services have distributed item bundles to members of the service. These are similar to DLC as they are additional content that can be earned, however unlike regular DLC none of them contain items exclusive to the bundle.

There are currently three types of subscription-based bundles that have been released:

Trivia[ | ]

  • No seasonal packs were released in 2019 due to cross-platform issues. Instead, the exclusive Avatars and Weapon Skins were released as limited time items for direct purchase from the Store.

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