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Dodgebomb is one of the gamemode available in Brawlhalla. It can be played in Custom Online matches and is sometimes available as the Brawl Of The Week.

Mechanics[ | ]

Map DodgebombArena

Dodgebomb Arena

Gadget Bomb Dodgebomb

In Dodgebomb, all players must jump between four different platforms on the stage, each platform holding two bombs that respawn every 4 seconds. They must throw bombs at opponents to knock them out. Each player has a certain amount of lives (usually 5), and will be eliminated from play if they lose all 5 lives. The last player standing wins.

Though the game revolves around bombs, players can also attack each other with unarmed attacks.

The bombs in this gamemode take on a unique appearance, and have minor differences from regular Bouncy Bombs, including slightly lower base damage, travel speed, and different force done.

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