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The Brawlhalla Dev Streams are live streams hosted by the official Brawlhalla Twitch account. The stream is live Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at times specific to that day. Each stream lasts for one hour on average.

The dev stream schedule is as follows, however, occasion delays and cancellations do occur. For a more accurate schedule with other streams listed, see the Brawlhalla stream calendar.

Day Time (EST) Topic
Monday 1:00pm Highlights from Brawlhalla Esports and pro player guests.
Tuesday 1:00pm Big Reveals and updates.
Friday 1:00pm Community games and miscellaneous announcements.

Viewership Rewards[ | ]

Viewership Rewards are available for those who watch dev streams. Specific dev stream tracks can be progress by watching a dev stream, and will grant codes for items at 2 hours, 8 hours, and 16 hours of dev streams watched. Unlike Esports reward tracks, these items are not exclusive and can be otherwise purchased from the Store. After about 2 to 3 months, the current dev stream track will be swapped out for a new track with different rewards.

In addition to dev stream tracks, Esport tracks are sometimes available. If there was a tournament held on the weekend with a viewership reward track, there will typically be a re-run of the stream after the Monday Esports dev stream. This re-run will last a few hours and gives viewers a final chance to complete an Esport viewership reward track before it disappears forever.

Charity Streams[ | ]

In special occasions, Friday's dev stream will be replaced with a charity stream. These streams last 12 hours, and raise money in donations for a select organization - which BMG will match up to a certain amount. Additionally, these streams are not limited to Brawlhalla, and feature the devs playing various other games.

Like other streams, charity streams feature unique Viewership Reward tracks, typically featuring Community Colors and unique weapon skins as rewards.

Giveaways[ | ]

Giveaways are sometimes hosted on dev streams, however they have become less prominent since the implementation of Viewership Rewards. In the past, however, giveaways were common in the form of Community Color giveaways and the "Bigaway".

The "Bigaway", short for "big giveaway", is a giveaway that would occur at the end of most Dev Streams. These stopped occurring around October of 2020. During this giveaway, every user viewing the stream would be placed in a list, with users being selected from a random scrolling list. Winners would be whispered their prizes at the end of the stream - these prizes included CCs, Metadevs and sometimes other non-exclusive cosmetics. The amount of winners per Bigaway is up to the devs and changes per stream.

For most of the Bigaway's life, the Lachhh Tools program would be used to determine winners of the Bigaway. Less winners would be selected (typically only one or two), however if a dev, moderator or bot was selected, the winner would be re-rolled and an additional winner would be selected. This would also apply to if "PPGAK" was selected, a word which was sometimes manually added to increase the chances of an extra giveaway. Once a winner is selected, they would have 55 seconds to type in chat and claim their prize - otherwise a different winner would be selected. This format was changed in late 2019, where many more winners would be selected and would not have to type in chat to claim their prize.

For Community Colors, the Twitch account "ProBrawlhalla" would be used as a bot, and would randomly select users every 7 minutes while the stream is live, and whisper the winning users a code to unlock Community Colors. A CC code would also be given to anyone who won a Bigaway.