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Default Legend
File:DV Blue Thunder.png
Unplayable Legend
Strength Stats0 Sword Icon
Dexterity Stats0
Defence Stats0 Rocket Lance Icon
Speed Stats0
Gender: Male
Bot Name: nullBOT
Role: Placeholder Legend

The Default Legend is an unnamed, unplayable Legend in Brawlhalla.

The Default Legend's main role is to be a placeholder model, replacing Brawlboy as a placeholder in early 2015. He is used to fill in for animations when no other Legend is selected. Because of this, it is possible to see him if a bug occurs and fails to load part of a Legend.

In modern versions of Brawlhalla, Default Legend is internally called DEFAULT_CHARACTER. All of his Stats are 0, he uses Sword and Lance, his bot name is "nullBOT", and he appears in replays as "UNKNOWN"; these values are not set in the game's code and are instead hardcoded fallback values. Due to the fact that Default Legend has no Weapon skins associated with his default skin, he uses the fallback Sword and Lance skins. He can be enabled through modding and is playable in Offline Play, although he has no usable Signature attacks.

The Default Legend is also used as the silhouette for the Random character in the character selection screen.

Forehead Gem[ | ]

The gem on the Default Legend's forehead is used to help identify his expression. It will shine blue normally, orange when taking damage, red when angry, and turn black when KO'd. It will also rotate depending on what direction he is looking, but this seems to only happen when the gem is glowing red.

Skins[ | ]

Default Legend has three additional skins besides default: Test Legend, Brawlboy, and Gadget. These are all characters that can not normally be played, so they are relegated to being skins on the Default Legend.

If the assets of a skin can not be properly loaded, the Default Legend is used as a fallback (without his forehead gem).

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