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Darkheart Weapons
Darkheart Weapon Skins
Items in Set: 14
Cost per Item: Coin Mammoth 60
Cost for Whole Set: Coin Mammoth 840

Darkheart Weapons is a Skin Set available in the game Brawlhalla. The skins from this set can all be purchased from the Store.

The weapons in this set are corrupted by Darkheart energy - a highly potent and dangerous ore in Brawlhalla's Lore. In design, the Darkheart weapons are made of a jagged, muted blue rock, cracked open to reveal hints of glowing red energy on the inside.

There are 14 skins included in this set.

Weapons[ | ]

Name Image Cost Description
Darkheart Blade Darkheart Sword Coin Mammoth 60 With the Darkheart I stab at thee.
Darkheart Crusher Darkheart Hammer Coin Mammoth 60 We know not from whence it came, but in the quiet hours, it whispers of smashing.
Darkheart Blasters Darkheart Blasters Coin Mammoth 60 They utter the Old Names, which mortal minds hear only as "pew, pew, pew."
Darkheart Spine Darkheart Spear Coin Mammoth 60 Seething malice from a long forgotten place.
Darkheart Missile Darkheart Lance Coin Mammoth 60 It's too late to run. The darkness approaches.
Darkheart Shredders Darkheart Katars Coin Mammoth 60 Every nightmarishly twisted blade has its thorns.
Darkheart Axe Darkheart Axe Coin Mammoth 60 A wicked axe that knows only darkness.
Darkheart's Grasp Darkheart Gauntlets Coin Mammoth 60 Nowhere is safe from its reach.
Darkheart Longbow Darkheart Bow Coin Mammoth 60 Strung with whispers, secrets, and lies.
Darkheart Reaper Darkheart Scythe Coin Mammoth 60 The harvest has begun.
Darkheart Tower Darkheart Cannon Coin Mammoth 60 Corruption is a blast.
Darkheart Orb Darkheart Orb Coin Mammoth 60 The darkness consumes all.
Darkheart Claymore Darkheart Greatsword Coin Mammoth 60 Surging with slashes filled with nightmares.
Darkheart Stompers Darkheart Stompers Coin Mammoth 60 The darkness rapidly approaches.