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The Custom Online menu

Custom Online is one of the Modes available in the game Brawlhalla. It allows for players to create personal lobbies where they can change the settings and gamemode being played. Players can create a lobby for private or public use, or search through public games and join a lobby. Players can also join or spectate lobbies by entering the lobby number.

Custom Online does not count as matchmaking, meaning that it will not count towards Daily or Battle Pass missions.


The following settings can be changed by the lobby owner in a Custom Online match:

  • The gamemode being played
  • Turning teams on or off
  • The amount of lives/score to win
  • Match time
  • Changing the damage percentage
  • Turning gadgets on or off
  • Turning test features and test maps on or off
  • Changing the way the map is set
  • Changing the maximum amount of players


The following gamemodes can be selected for play in Custom Online:

Tournament Mode[]

In the Lobby settings, the Lobby creator can chose to change the Custom Online mode to Tournament 1v1 or 2v2. This will lock the settings to a 3 life Stock match that lasts 8 minutes, with no gadgets. In Tournament 2v2, teams are enabled and so is team damage. Tournament mode will also lock the map choosing type to tournament striking, where players strike maps they don't want to play until one is left.

This mode is generally what is used for tournament matches, such as eSport events.

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