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Cryptomage Diana
Cryptomage Diana.png
Legend: Diana
Cost: Coin Mammoth.png 140
Scanning the streets of Miami Dome for rogue AI.

Cryptomage Diana is one of the Skins available in the game Brawlhalla.

In addition to being obtainable from the Store, this skin can be also be obtained from the Synthwave Chest or the Celestial Chest.

This skin has been available in two giveaways in partnership with Steelseries; the first exclusively for those with an access code from the T-Mobile Tuesdays app (from February 23rd to March 2nd, 2021), and the second giveaway for anyone while supplies last (from April 24 to May 9, 2021).

Weapon Skins[]

This skin comes with unique Weapon Skins:

Security Measure
Security Measure.png
Bow Skin
Laser Blazers
Laser Blazers.png
Blasters Skin

Color Variants[]