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Collectors Pack
Collectors Pack Header
Type: DLC
Cost: $99.99 USD
Items in Pack: 8-10

The Brawlhalla Collectors Pack is DLC available for the game Brawlhalla. This Pack includes Coin Mammoth 3500, the All Legends (Current and Future) Pack, and several Pack-Exclusive items.

Items[ | ]

The Collectors Pack is the only DLC to give different items on different platforms.

All Platforms:

Name Image
Coin Mammoth 3500 Many Coins
All Legends
(Current and Future)
Every Legend Banner
Asgardian Elite Skin Set
(Current Weapons and Future)
Asgardian Elite Emblem
Champion of the Brawl Bödvar Skin Asgard Bödvar
Flames of Ragnarok KO Effect KO FlamesOfRagnarok
Collector's Insignia UI Collectors NamePlate
Collector's Signet Avatar Collector's Signet

PC Only:

Name Image
Founder's Insignia UI Founders NamePlate
Cogsworth Bot Cogsworth
Founder's Signet Avatar Founder's Signet

Playstation Only:

Name Image
Founder's Insignia UI PS4 NamePlate
Personal Sentry IV Bot Personal Sentry IV
Founder's Signet Avatar PS4 Signet

Xbox Only:

Name Image
Firehawk Bot Firehawk

Trivia[ | ]

  • If the user already owns All Legends Pack, they'll receive a Coin Mammoth 540 bonus upon purchasing Collectors Pack to compensate for All Legends' inclusion in Collectors Pack.
  • This DLC pack used to give Coin Mammoth 3400, but was changed to Coin Mammoth 3500 when Mammoth coin prices were changed in patch 2.9.2. All previous owners of the pack earned Coin Mammoth 100 on this update to make up for the change.
  • While Brawlhalla was in closed beta, this pack would also give 3 beta invite codes (to gift to friends).
  • Mobile and Nintendo Switch currently does not have this DLC.